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Pokemon Unite Garchomp Build and Guide

Pokemon Unite Garchomp Build

For those looking to learn a Pokemon Unite Garchomp Build, the search stops here. Garchomp hasn’t evolved as gracefully as other suspected top-tier characters in Pokémon Unite, becoming a staple of the bottom of tier lists everywhere. That shouldn’t discourage one from using Garchomp as the potential damage output and KO stacking late game are nowhere near matched by Sinnoh’s pseudo superstar.

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Garchomp falls into the All-Rounder category of Pokémon boasting solid damage and bulk, but falling a bit short in the mobility department. The primary game plan for Garchomp is either to clear out the jungle in order to gain as much EXP as possible or to assist in holding down the bottom lane with an ideal supporter.

Offense: 3 1/2 stars

Endurance: 3 1/2 stars

Mobility: 2 1/2 stars

Scoring: 2 1/2 stars

Support: 1/2 stars

Battle Items

Pokemon Unite Garchomp Build
Eject Button

Eject Button is a staple item in Pokemon Unite by this point. The item helps alleviate Garchomp’s mobility issues by being able to get it out of tight spots when moves like Dig or Dragon Rush are on cooldown. X Attack and X Speed are also reasonable choices for more aggressive play, but nothing beats Eject Button overall.

Held Items

Muscle Band

Muscle Band is a go-to item for most damage-dealers in Pokémon Unite, and Garchomp is no exception. With the help of moves like Dragon Claw, Garchomp’s auto attacks become very fast and serve as its main means of damage output.

Pokemon Unite Garchomp Build
Focus Band

Focus Band helps immensely for maintaining Garchomp’s presence in team fights by keeping it’s HP up when it drops low. With how much of a sponge for damage Garchomp can end up being, recovering HP in a pinch proves invaluable for lasting long on the battlefield.

Pokemon Unite Garchomp Build
Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier is rising in popularity for many different Pokemon, and Garchomp can benefit from its utility as well. For how amazing Garchomp’s Unite Move can be in clearing out enemies in team fights, the extra shields provided to your teammates can be the extra push needed to put the finishing touches on a potential wipe of the enemy team. Scope Lens or Attack Weight can be subbed in here for more offensive playstyles/builds that want to focus mainly on DPS.

Best Moves

Dragon Rush

Dragon Rush is an amazing tool for Garchomp, serving both offensive and defensive capabilities. The burst forward can launch Garchomp towards opponents and set them up for a follow-up and eventual KO. The attack also drags opponents with Garchomp which can be great for separating a lone enemy from their team and setting up an easy KO. Also, escaping in a pinch is nice too, so don’t be afraid to use this move to get away from the action.

Dragon Claw

Dragon Claw not only does great damage and temporarily increase Garchomp’s attack speed, but it also has an often overlooked synergy with the aforementioned Dragon Rush. When executing Dragon Rush, inputting the command for Dragon Claw immediately as Garchomp leaps into the air will almost blend the moves together into a combo attack that is great for hunting down targets. If used on its own (or spaced out when used with Dragon Rush) Dragon Claw will have a push-back effect that can be useful for pushing enemies away from your teammates or objectives.

In Conclusion

Despite Garchomp’s notable weaknesses in getting to its best possible form, it remains a formidable choice in the right hands. Garchomp can win games on its own in the final minutes, and its capacity for either quick or drawn out damage is matched by few other Pokémon in the game. This Pokemon Unite Garchomp Build should allow players to succeed with the late game hyper carry.

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