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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build and Guide

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build

Eldegoss, the plant type pokemon, is one of the strongest supports in Pokemon Unite. With amazing healing and shielding potential, Eldegoss nits together practically any team composition. This makes the pick an invaluable addition in most matches. To help facilitate the learning process, here is a Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build.

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Eldegoss Overview

In general, this pokemon struggles playing on its own. Eldegoss’s damage numbers are not the highest, but the pick’s versatile utility more than makes up for it. When playing the cute little flower, make sure to position nearby the team at all times. A solo playing Eldegoss loses out on so much healing and team fight potential. As a support pokemon, when utilizing the pick, make sure to trust the team. Even if the teammates mess up, look past those mistakes and continue to push allies forward.


Offense: 1 ½ Stars
Endurance: 2 Stars
Mobility: 2 ½ Stars
Scoring: 2 ½ Stars
Support: 4 Stars

Battle Items

Pokemon Unite Eject Button Builds | Stats, How To Get, Best With

Eject Button

Practically always, Eject Button will be the go to Battle Item for Eldegoss. Eject Button allows players to survive. The item provides escape and mobility essential to getting out of sticky situations. After all, Eldegoss cannot heal or provide shields when dead.

Recommended Held Items

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build
Buddy Barrier

This item is an absolute must on Eldegoss. Comboed with its unite move, the plant pokemon creates an immense shield for it and its allies. Essentially, using Eldegoss’s unite move creates around three seconds of practical invulnerability for all teammates nearby the support.

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build
Wise Glasses

Now, the other two recommended items on Eldegoss prioritize its special attack scaling. Since Eldegoss’ moves heal and deal more damage based off of this stat, increasing the total amount is essential to maximizing the pick. Options such as EXP share and other “defensive” itemizations simply do not provide enough utility in team fights. And without the necessary base stats for a team fight, the most important aspect in Pokemon Unite, the pick becomes rather mundane.

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build
Choice Specs

These flashy looking glasses are the next best item for Eldegoss to stack special attack. Of course, Shell Bell functions perfectly fine as well, but in regards to total special attack, Choice Specs definitely scales better. In addition, this basically ensures that Eldegoss’ attacks deal at least a little damage.

Alternative Held Items

shell bell
Shell Bell

As previously mentioned, Shell Bell works fine as well. The item grants special attack, which is good, alongside healing based off of damage dealt. Switch out Choice Specs when opting for Shell Bell.

focus band
Focus Band

For those looking for more defensive itemizations, take Focus Band. This heals Eldegoss at low HP, while providing extra defensive stats. The item works wonders if players’ positioning is a bit lacking. Do NOT replace buddy barrier, but swap out Choice Specs instead.

Score Shield Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Score Shield

This item is an interesting pick on Eldegoss, which definitely works but is not recommended. Players that know how to find opportunities to abuse the item will find it works wonders in creating an EXP lead. The issue is that Eldegoss struggles at last hitting wild pokemon. Score Shield’s bonus HP stat is great though, so this is still a rather viable option.

Recommended Moves

Pollen Puff

This move throws out a little puff that detonates after some time, dealing damage to enemies and healing all nearby allies. The move’s healing is arguably Eldegoss’ best healing ability, but takes a good amount of skill to properly utilize. Think ahead about all players’ movements, since the delayed activation requires strong prediction. But the move’s damage is also pretty high, especially when stacking Special Attack.

The alternative, Leaf Tornado, works best when the team already has a stable source of healing or front line. This move accelerates movement speed, and deals more immediate damage than Pollen Puff. It is a very viable move, but keep in mind it does not heal. The extra movement speed is great, but just keep that caveat in mind when choosing between the two moves.

Cotton Guard

Protect the user and nearby ally pokemon with cotton. The shield absorbs damage, alongside restoring HP towards the end of activation. Since the move is super easy to pull off, alongside the immediate barrier soaking up damage, Cotton Guard is almost always the go to move. Its utility is rather crazy, albeit lacking ab it on the offensive stats.

Cotton Spore, Cotton Guard’s alternative, is the go to move for players looking to prioritize pure damage. Since the move increases Eldegoss’ own movement speed, while also knocking up enemies, the move is best used as an offensive build option. The area of effect knock up is really useful in disrupting the enemy’s movement, but similarly to Leaf Tornada, this move does not heal Eldegoss or its allies.

If the team already has a different healer, such as from Greedent, or strong front line capabilities from a pokemon like Snorlax, consider Cotton Spore. Otherwise, take Cotton Guard. This is Eldegoss’ bread and butter support move.

In Conclusion

Eldegoss is arguably the best support pokemon in Unite. Be sure to utilize this Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build to maximize the pick, while taking into consideration the different conditions to adjust the build to. This guide is largely meant as a template for players to alter their own playstyles, organizing some base information for them to create their personal decision making.

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