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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build: Carry as the Support

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build

Pokemon Unite is now out and everyone has teamed up with their friends to become the number one team in Aeos. The newest MOBA to hit the market has now captured the hearts of Pokemon fans and fans of games like League of Legends or DOTA. With a roster full of fan favorite Pokemon, the craze surrounding it is not surprising. Plenty of players are busy trying to net the most amount of knockouts, but there are a few brave souls that still select the supporter Pokemon. For those who are looking to dip their toe into the healer role, here is the optimal Pokemon Unite Eldegoss build.

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build
Courtesy of The Pokemon Company
Eldegoss: The Little Flower That Could

For many people, Eldegoss won’t be their cup of tea. This grass-type Pokemon has a playstyle that is centered around enabling the teammates around them. Eldegoss is a character that sacrifices damage for team-wide sustain. Shields and heals are the name of the game for Eldegoss, and players will need to quickly realize that this is not a Pokemon that can take many duels. The unique aspect of Eldegoss is it’s ability to heal other members of the team. In prolonged fights, typically the team with the Eldegoss will end up victorious.

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Offense: 1 ½ Stars
Endurance: 2 Stars
Mobility: 2 ½ Stars
Scoring: 2 ½ Stars
Support: 4 Stars

As if it wasn’t clear already, Eldegoss’ stats definitely scream “supporter”. Truth be told Eldegoss is a bit of a one-trick Pokemon. Without a high damage-dealing partner in lane, Eldegoss struggles to get the necessary levels in order for them to help out in late game fights. If Eldegoss does get in a favorable lane however, the game feels very much in control.

Held Items
Courtesy of The Pokemon Company
Buddy Barrier

One of the more obnoxious aspects of Eldegoss is the small delay on the Unite move. There is a small window where Eldegoss is invincible but cannot heal their allies until they slam back down to the ground. Buddy Barrier helps ease that transition a bit by generating an additional shield on the first cast of the Unite move. Though small, the extra health from Buddy Barrier should be enough time typically to then get the second cast down and land that massive area of effect heal.

Exp. Share

In Pokemon UNITE levels are everything. There are no mid-game powerspikes like in League of Legends or DOTA, because there are no additional items to be bought during the game. The lack of other supporting items makes Exp. Share vital to Eldegoss. By passively gaining experience, Eldegoss doesn’t need to hit the wild Pokemon in the lanes. Instead, Eldegoss can give it’s laning partner all of the experience from the wild Pokemon while still earning experience by just existing.

Assault Vest

As one of the squishiest characters to choose, Eldegoss needs a little help to survive sneak attacks from Zeraora and Gengar. Assault Vest is the quick fix to at least some of the endurance problems Eldegoss runs into. The small Special Attack shield often is enough to stave off an attack long enough for Eldegoss to float to the nearest ally or heal zone. At the very least it makes the opponent invest more into trying to kill the Eldegoss, and in some pivotal fights that could mean all of the difference.

Focus Band

Similar to Assault Vest, Focus Band is useful to just help Eldegoss survive. Walking away from a close encounter sometimes isn’t enough. Just off screen a lurking Talonflame or Pikachu could strike out of no where to finish off a low health Eldegoss. Focus Band is able to keep friendly Eldegoss healthy and ready to stay in the lane.

Battle Item

The sole purpose of X-Speed is to mitigate the lack of mobility from Eldegoss. Most of the time it’s used to escape bad situations. However, there will be times X-Speed is key to keeping up with low-health allies. X-Speed as an item is just solid. But for Eldegoss, X-Speed is almost as important as any Held Item.

Eject Button
Image for Pikachu Guide for Pokemon UNITE
image from Rankedboost

Eject Button brings the same type of value for Eldegoss as X-Speed, and then some. It allows Eldegoss to quickly disengage a bad fight or even dodge walls from Crustle and Ninetales. In some matchups, speed just isn’t enough. Eject Button is incredibly strong with Eldegoss’ Unite move as well. Jumping in from a brush can ruin an opposing team’s day.

Ideal Ability Build
Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build
Courtesy of the Pokemon Company
Pollen Puff

Eldegoss’ bread and butter. Pollen Puff is the main healing ability in it’s arsenal. The range allows Pollen Puff to reach allies from a good distance away, keeping Eldegoss usually in a safe spot. The heal is useful even just to cast on Eldegoss itself. Pollen Puff is great, because it can surprise enemies when they think they are safe. The delay on the damage can lead to some great fadeaway eliminations in the early game. Pollen Puff is often times just better than the other option in Leaf Tornado. Granting movement speed is fine, but often times carry Pokemon don’t need the extra speed as they usually have a dash to follow up on targets.

Cotton Guard

It may be redundant to have two healing moves, but for a Pokemon Unite Eldegoss build it is incredibly powerful. Cotton Guard not only shields allies for a time, it then heals them if the shield remains in tact. Cotton Spore is powerful if the team needs more crowd control moves, but 9 times out of 10, Cotton Guard is the play. Unlike Pollen Puff, Cotton Guard is an instant shield. The immediate value from the shield, and subsequent heal, will often times be too much for the opposing team to handle


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