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Pokemon Unite Duraludon Guide and Build

The new attacker in Pokemon Unite is absolutely busted. Its central play style revolves around becoming an unstoppable turret, serving as an even strong Cramorant. Instead of waiting for its Unite Move, Duraludon becomes a turret right when it turns level 5. In essence, one of its basic moves allows the pokemon to dominate. This Pokemon Unite Duraludon Guide and Build shows players how to maximize the pick. Make sure to abuse the pokemon before inevitable nerfs hit the pokemon.

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This build prioritizes utilizing Duralodon’s strongest strength. In other words, make sure to take Flash Cannon, and maximize the damage dealt while in turret form. Since Duraludon deals phsyical attack, the held items presented synergize accordingly. Without much further ado, here is the full held item build.

Pokemon Unite Duraludon guide

Duraludon Held Item Build

Moveset Analysis

Take Flash Cannon and Dragon Tail. As previously mentioned Flash Cannon is really broken. Imagine Cramorant’s unite move, but as a normal move rather than a Unite Move. The rest of the build therefore centers around capitalizing on the move more than anything else.

Now, take Dragon Tail to increase Duraludon’s mobility during its turret form. Since Duraludon can activate its other move as well when in its turret form, Dragon Tail allows it to reposition. This therefore rounds out its only weakness, lack of mobility, when in its turret form.

Held Item Analysis

Muscle Band on Duraludon functions amazingly well. The extra attack speed and scaling attack damage on maximum health ensures that Duraludon’s damage in its turret form. Focus Band ensures that Duraludon doesn’t die too quickly.

For the third item, take Razor Claw, Scope Lens, or even another defensive item option. Razor Claw grants the strongest DPS, since it provides attack damage as well as on hit damage after using a move. Scope Lens works wonders as well. If looking for defensive held itemizations, take Buddy Barrier. The item is great on almost every pokemon for a defensive option. And since Duraludon learns its unite move at level 9, it can utilize the barrier rather effectively.

Battle Item

Duraludon excels with a lot of different items. Take X-Attack for those looking to maximize damage, potion for those attempting to survive longer in team fights, and Eject Button for flashier plays.

In Conclusion

Make sure to abuse Duraludon while possible. The pokemon will, without a doubt, get nerfed in the very soon future. The pokemon stands as the strongest pokemon in the game, possibly the most powerful pokemon to have ever released. There is no sense of balance when regarding its kit at the current moment, and not picking the Duraludon in Pokemon Unite is just asking for a harder game. And since there’s no ban picks in the game quite yet, make sure to lock the pokemon in whenever possible.

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