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Pokemon Unite Dragonite Guide Day One

The newest addition to Pokemon Unite is Dragonite, an all-rounder. Dragonite deals physical damage. Utilizing its unique trait to acquire different abilities through its basic attacks, Dragonite excels at adapting to its surroundings. Of course, with such a unique trait set available to the dragon, the pokemon is therefore rather hard to master. To help players understand how to play the pokemon, here is a Pokemon Unite Dragonite Guide.

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Here is 1 minute video version of this guide

Dragonite “Basics”

The key to playing Dragonite is understanding how its enhanced basic attacks work. Each evolution increases the pokemon’s available enhanced basic attacks. To help players understand what tools are available to them, here is a summary of its enhanced basic attacks:

Dratini (lvl 1)
Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, blasting water in front of the user. This boosted attack deals damage to opposing Pokémon it hits and reduces the cooldown of all the user’s moves. The water attack also has the additional effect of restoring the user’s HP when it hits.
Dragonair (lvl 5)
Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon it hits and reducing the cooldown of all the user’s moves. The boosted attack alternates between a water attack and an electric attack with every use. If the water attack hits, it triggers the same additional effect as Dratini’s boosted basic attack. If the electric attack hits, it leaves the opposing Pokémon unable to act for a short time.
Dragonite (lvl 8)

Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon it hits and reducing the cooldown of all the user’s moves. The boosted attack alternates between a water, electric, and fire attack, in that order, with every use. If the water or electric attacks hit, they trigger the same additional effects as Dragonair’s boosted basic attacks. If the fire attack hits, it deals additional damage to the opposing Pokémon.

The electric attack is best in team fights and against large groups of people. Use this version when attempting to create opportunities for the team. Meanwhile, the water enhanced version is best for trying to survive. Dragonite cannot impact a team fight when dead, so utilize this version to stall for time. Last but definitely not least, the fire attack version is best for finishing off Dragonite’s enemies. For those looking to deal as much damage as possible, opt for this when timing Dragonite’s other abilities.

More on this later


Dragonite scales a lot slower than most pokemon, aligning its level and evolution pattern to that of Charizard’s. Starting as Dratini, the pokemon evolves into its second evolution, Dragoniare, upon reaching level 5. Then, Dragonair evolves into Dragonite at level 8. So don’t expect to impact the game as much as someone like Lucario would from the very beginning, rather focus on scaling for the late game instead.

Here are Dragonite’s base stats:

Offense: 4 stars

Endurance: 2.5 stars

Mobility: 2.5 stars

Scoring: 3 stars

Support: 0.5 stars


pokemon unite tsareena build

Held Items

Muscle Band and Focus Band are great held items for Dragonite. The pokemon’s kit relies on utilizing its enhanced basic attacks. Therefore, Muscle Band works wonders.  To help the pokemon survive team fights, Focus Band adds some defensive capabilities. Since Dragonite needs to survive an extended period of time to continue stacking its damage, it absolutely needs to survive. For Scope Lens, the item just provides more damage upon auto attacks. Take Buddy Barrier or Score Shield instead of a defensive option, or Razor Claw as an additional alternative for those looking for more offensive capabilities.

Battle Items

Eject Button never steers any pokemon wrong. As a rather slow pokemon, Dragonite loves Eject Button. The extra movement dash helps Dragonite position for fights. For those looking to vary up playstyle, Full Heal’s hinderance removal and invulnerability provides great utility as well.

Alternative Battle items include X-Speed, X-Attack, and Fluffy Tail. Fluffy Tail is for players who utilize Dragonite as a jungler. The item’s active makes clearing the bigger Wild Pokemon a cinch. X-Speed is for players looking to zoom around the map, while X-attack simply increases attack.

Best Moves

Dragon Dance (lvl 5)

This move works wonders for players looking to maximize Dragonite’s basic attacks. As previously mentioned before, utilizing Dragonite’s enhanced basic attack is key to mastering the pick. And this move is really the best way in doing so, since it increases Dragonite’s movement speed, attack speed, and Attack stats all at once. A vast majority of Dragonite’s kit ties together thanks to its basic attacks, rather than its actual active abilities. Therefore, almost always take Dragon Dance.

For those looking to simply get damage from Dragonite’s moves, take Extreme Speed instead. The move is easier to use, since players just have to point and click. There’s no micromanagement involved, and its super easy to just CC the enemy. But Dragon Dance has a far higher skill ceiling.

Outrage for melee or Hyper Beam for Ranged (lvl 8)

Both moves are completely viable, and depend solely on the playstyle desired.

Outrage utilizes the last active enhanced basic attack, and applies it on the move as well. In other words, Dragonite can jump around while either recovering tons of health, stunning multiple enemies, or burst down all in his path with a trail of fire. The move forces Dragonite to utilize melee attacks during its duration.

Hyper Beam, on the other hand, focuses in on a ranged carry mindset.

As most would expect, Dragonite charges up and shoots out a beam that destroys the enemy. For players looking to play as a kiting, long ranged carry, take Hyper Beam. The move is completely viable, allowing Dragonite to keep its distance and burst the enemy down.

Therefore, at the end of the day, its really up to the players what sort of Dragonite that they want to play.

Draco Impact (Unite Move lvl9)

This move flies the user into the air. Dragonite lands and deals damage in a circle, throwing all affected enemies. Every pokemon acquires a buff after utilzing their unite move. And since Dragonite relies heavily on buffs from Dragon Dance, combo the passive stat in crease with its unite move for devastating effects.

In Conclusion

Dragonite plays as a very aggressive all-rounder that utilizes its enhanced basic attacks to round out its kit. With various different tools to adjust to its surroundings, Dragonite users must master cycling back and forth between its different abilities to maximize the pick.

This particular Pokemon Unite Dragonite guide walks players through a formulated method of playing and building the pokemon, but do not treat the information presented as the only viable method. Make sure to utilize the information as a starting point, and cater the content to fit individual needs.

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