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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Confirmed: Moveset Breakdown

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Moveset

Having debuted in generation one, Dragonite is one of the oldest dragon-types in the franchise. In the recent Holiday Festivities Trailer, Pokemon Unite officially confirmed the release of the orange dragon. The trailer also teased Pokemon Unite Dragon’s moveset. On Pokemon Unite’s website, the name of the moves were revealed: Dragon Breath, Outrage, and Draco Impact. By analyzing the short snip bits of Dragonite’s moves, here is an analysis of the melee all-rounder.

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Categorized as an all-rounder, Pokemon Unite Dragonite stands as a very welcome addition to the roster. Since the pokemon requires two evolutions to acquire its final form, expect the pick to scale a little more slowly into the game. Comparing Dragonite to Charizard would be the best parallel.

Pokemon Unite Draogonite will likely deal physical damage. In the original main line Pokemon games, Dragonite’s base stats boast high attack and only a decent special attack. The majority of Dragonite’s learnable moves deal physical damage. And though the pokemon can definitely function as both, it is unlikely that Pokemon Unite would scale Dragonite with a niche build from the main series. Therefore, expect Dragonite to scale with attack. But keep in mind, this is purely speculation.

If Dragonite is a physical attacker, utilize items such as Scope Lens, Muscle Band, and Razor Claw to maximize the pick. Meanwhile, if Dragonite ends up being a special attack instead, take Choice Specs and Wise Glasses. Judging from the gameplay, Dragonite seems rather tanky by nature. The pokemon’s sluggish moves and huge body indicate strong defensive capabitilies. Therefore, utilizing items such as Focus Band may yield great results. It’s far too early to realistically tell.

Move 1: Dragon Breath

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Moveset

Dragon Breath

The Pokemon Unite website confirmed this move to be Dragon Breath, a special attack move. Shown in the trailer, the move deals area of effect damage. From the short snipbit, it doesn’t look like Dragon Breath stuns the enemy. Beartic continues its attack, unhindered by Dragonite’s assault. In addition, Dragonite comes to a stand still while attacking.

Throughout the footage, Dragonite’s overall movement is rather slow. This means it is very likely that Dragon Breath requires Dragonite to stop in place before launching the attack, similar to Mamoswine’s Earthquake. Pokemon Unite Dragonite’s alternative move to Dragon breath remains a secret. Meaning, there’s a lot more let to be unveiled. Since this move appears to be purely damage oriented, Dragonite’s alternative for Dargon Breath is also likely to prioritize damage.

Move 2: Outrage

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Moveset

Dragonite’s second move, Outrage, flings it forward. By headbutting its target enemy, Dragonite stuns and damages the opposing pokemon. Most of Pokemon Unite’s moves hit an area of effect, unless it requires the pokemon to lock onto a specific target. Seeing as how this move is more of a dash forward towards a direction, rather than picking out a specific enemy, Outrage likely hits multiple targets.

This move will serve as Dragonite’s bread and butter engage. But the amount of distance covered by this move isn’t huge, therefore further cements the idea of Dragonite being rather slow. The pokemon’s speed parallels that of Mamoswine’s.

In regards to Outrage’s alternative move, nothing has been revealed. But considering Outrage is a dash, the other move will also push Dragonite forward in a different way. With the slow walking speed of

Unite move: Draco Meteor

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Moveset
Draco Meteor

The Pokemon Unite website calls this move “Draco Impact.” This is a mistranslation, known in the West as Draco Meteor. Dragonite flies into the sky, and drops down accompanied by meteors. As of now, the video clip doesn’t show much regarding the move. Machamp face tanks the Unite Move, fainting shortly after. This leaves little time to analyze the move’s actual impact. Therefore, its unknown whether the move stuns or not. The only thing made clear is that Dragonite becomes invulnerable momentarily, and deals damage in an area of effect.

In Conclusion

Pokemon Unite Dragonite seems to move very slowly. With its rather large body, the all-rounder definitely seems closer to a defender than an attacker class. Requiring two evolutions to reach its final form, Dragonite scales and moves rather slowly.

Although the alternatives remain unknown, three of Dragonite’s moves have been confirmed: Dragon Breath, Outrage, and Draco Meteor. Dragon Breath deals damage, while likely planting Dragonite in place, while Outrage pushes the pokemon forward while stunning the enemy. Draco Meteor is a bit unclear, but the meteors that it rains down definitely seem quite powerful. But of course, only hands on experience will truly tell how powerful the moves are.

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