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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Delphox Guide and Build

Pokemon Unite Delphox Guide

It’s a new day, with a brand new pokemon release. And with that new day, is a Pokemon Unite Delhox Guide and Build that helps players understand and perfect the newest Pokemon addition. This guide provides analysis on Pokemon Unite Delphox’s moves, alongside helping players understand which held items to use. Of course, these serve as recommendations more than anything else. Each player has their own preferred playstyle and preferences. Without much further ado, here is a Pokemon Unite Delphox Guide and Build.

Battle Items


For those who like to zoom around during a team fight, take X-Speed.

Pokemon Unite Eject Button Builds | Stats, How To Get, Best With
Eject Button

Only take this if the player really is used to the battle item. At the current moment, the cooldown is really high, so it’s not really that great of an item.

Best Moves

Mystical Fire

Has the user unleash a special, hot ball of fire in a forward direction. If it hits an opposing Pokemon, the fire will explode, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. Upgraded to Mystical Fire+ when the Pokemon reaches Lv. 11.
Upgrade: Also reduces cooldowns of all moves if this move hits. If it hits a Pokemon from the opposing team, the cooldowns are reduced even further.

Fire Spin

Has the user create a vortex of fire in the designated area. The vortex automatically moves toward the nearest opposing Pokemon caught in the area of effect for a short time and decreasing their movement speed. After a set amount of time passes or an opposing Pokemon is caught in the center of the vortex, the flames increase in intensity. This increases the rate at which the flames deal damage over time, and it also leaves the opposing Pokemon unable to act for a short time. Upgraded to Fire Spin+ when the Pokemon reaches Lv. 13.
Upgrade: Increases the damage this move deals to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect when its flames have intensified.

Best Held Items

Focus Band Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Focus Band

This serves as the best defensive item option in the game. Take this if players find themselves getting burst down too often.

Pokemon Unite Espeon Guide
Wise Glasses

Easily one of the greatest special attack held items in the game. Take it for the base damage upgrade on every one of Delphox’s moves.

Pokemon Unite Espeon Guide
Choice Specs

This is the only other special attack held item that contests Wise Glasses. So instead of having to choose between the two, take both to amp up Delphox’s DPS.

Alternative Held Items

Pokemon Unite - Buddy Barrier Item stats
Buddy Barrier

Since Unite Move usage is the name of the game, Buddy Barrier isn’t a bad option. The only issue is the item received some massive nerfs, so it’s hard to recommend Buddy Barrier as a staple at the current moment. But the health stats definitely help round out Delphox’s squishiness, which is its greatest weakness.

Pokemon Unite Espeon Guide
Energy Amplifier

Speeds up the recharge rate and buffs the attack of the Unite Move. Great for the play style described above. Just pop X-Attack during the Unite Move, and wreck absolute havoc on the enemy team.

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