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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Decidueye Potentially Teased

Pokemon Unite Decidueye

Hello, trainers, hope everyone is doing well. Today, UNITE players are being treated with exciting new. Pokemon Unite has potentially teased the next Pokemon to be joining the MOBA, Decidueye. This piece will cover the image found on Twitter that presented the teaser. Check out other Pokemon Unite pieces by clicking here.

Today, on November 8th, the official Pokemon UNITE twitter account leaked a picture of 5 arrows surrounded in a green aura. They are also flying through the air. Decidueye is the most famous archer Pokemon. Fans can rejoice as Decidueye is a fan favorite Pokemon and the possibilities for it are endless.

As for what role the devs would make Decidueye, the most logical choice would be Ranged Attacker or Speedster. One could hope for them to finally do a ranged speedster, however, Decidueye’s arrows would most definitely make it ideal for ranged attacking. Sadly, the developers have not announced moves or UNITE moves. Players will have to wait for more info.


Pokemon UNITE is becoming a fan gem. And with any Pokemon having the potential to get in, we might get the other Alolan starters as well. Decidueye is an excellent pick for a playable mon, and with moves like Spirit Shackle and Leaf Storm, it has potential for great stun and DPS. For more information on Decidueye’s addition, stay tuned at the Game Haus.


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