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Pokemon Unite Decidueye Moveset Analysis

Pokemon Unite Decidueye Release Date

Pokemon Unite’s newest attacker releases very soon. As a ranged attacker, Deciudeye deals primarily physical damage through basic attacks. To help players get a quick preview of the pokemon before release, here is a quick Pokemon Unite Decidueye Moveset breakdown that compares and contrasts the different moves. Keep in mind, the analysis is purely speculative of gameplay alongside move descriptions. Until official hands-on gameplay, take this Pokemon Unite Decidueye Moveset comparative analysis with a grain of salt.

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pokemon unite Decidueye moveset

Decidueye Evolutions

The new ranged fighter evolves in three different stages. Starting the game as Rowlet, the small owl evolves into an adolescent Dartrix at level 5. Rather typical for a three stage evolution pokemon, this signifies a rather slow starter. Upon reaching level 7, Decidueye reaches its final form. In essence, in regards to gameplay pacing, expect something along the lines of Greninja’s evolutions.

A quick glance at the stats present the typical attacker, albeit with slightly higher support stats. More details in regards to playstyle will be presented later.

Level 1-3: Leafage vs Astonish

pokemon unite Decidueye moveset
Early Level Moves

At levels 1 and 3, Rowlett gains access to Leafage and Astonish. Leafage throws out an area of effect damage leaf spread, while Astonish sends out a single black orb. Since Leafage provides a boost in basic attack speed, definitely take Leafage as the first move. Astonish deals status ailments, which provide far more useful during skirmishes with enemies rather than wild pokemon. \

Level 7: Razor Leaf vs Spirit Shackle

pokemon unite Decidueye moveset
Level 7 Moves

Once reaching level 7, Decidueye not only reaches its final form, but it also acquires its first big boy move. Requiring players to choose between Razor Leaf or Spirit Shackle, understanding which move is best becomes quite the conundrum. To break things down, Razor Leaf provides a basic attack boost. In essence, the move does not provide damage directly, but rather grants Decidueye a small buff.

Spirit Shackle, on the other hand, is a chargeable skill shot that deals whopping amounts of damage scaling more with missing health. Essentially, the move deals more direct damage while serving as an executioning ability. For players looking to secure kills, definitely take Spirit Shackle. The move deals more damage as a whole than Razor Leaf, but keep in mind the move requires pin point precision. Razor Leaf essentially never misses, therefore the utility is almost always useful. Meanwhile, Spirit Shackle provides no utility when missed.

Level 8: Leaf Storm vs Shadow Sneak

Leaf Storm
Level 8 Moves

These two moves provide some form of hinderance. Both moves movement speed decreases, but Shadow Sneak also decreases defense. Leaf Storm has a significantly lower cooldown than Shadow Sneak, while also pushing pokemon back when coming too close to Decidueye. Solely because of this reason, Leaf Storm will likely be the better choice.

In Pokemon Unite, lockdown abilities almost always outweigh simple movement speed decreases. Especially having such an asset on an attacker, Decidueye can knock the annoying Greedent and Lucario players away to create distance and kite accordingly. In addition, Leaf Storm appears to be area of effect. This means the move can hit more than a singel target, while Shadow Sneak very much looks single target. Meaning, Leaf Storm will almost undoubtedly prove more useful in team fights.

Level 9: Unite Move Nock Nock

Nock Nock
Decidueye Unite Move

Decidueye’s unite move, Nock Nock, resembles Cramorants. The attacker essentially plants itself like a turret, shooting out a stream of arrows in the player’s target direction. But unlike Cramorant, Decidueye can choose and aim the direction of the line of shots. Since remaining completely still to perform its Unite Move leaves Decidueye very vulnerable, Buddy Barrier will be a must have on the new attacker.

In Conclusion

Decidueye’s playstyle brings a new form of kiting to Pokemon Unite. With so many picks, such as Greninja, Greedent, Lucario, and Zeraora jumping and sprinting all around the map, Decidueye brings to Pokemon Unite a conventional marksman playstyle. A breath of fresh air, the flying pokemon relies on prudent positioning rather than incredible mobility to carry out its kit.

When playing Decidueye, keep in mind that the pokemon is a bit of a late bloomer. But still much earlier than the likes of Garchomp, accessing all of its evolutions and moves at level 9, Decidueye is surely to become an absolute monster during the mid to late stages of the game.

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