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Pokemon Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Crustle Build and Guide

Unite Crustle Build

For those looking to learn how to build Crustle on Pokémon Unite, look no further. Every team can benefit from having the sand crab. This specific build caters towards making the defender a damage dealing menace. The moves and held items mentioned here allows players to drastically increase their DPS, while still providing fantastic survivability.

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Though Crustle is technically a defender class, the most optimal way of playing the Mon is to prioritize damage instead. Crustle can claw his way through any situation, killing all in their way or fleeing strategically with their empowered movements peed. Here are the overall stats for the pick.

Offense: 1 1/2 stars

Endurance: 4 stars

Mobility: 1 1/2 stars

Scoring: 2 stars

Support: 3 stars

Pokemon Unite venusaur build
Eject Button

Eject button should come as no surprise. The item is still one of the top picks among practically every Pokemon. For those looking for a different playstyle, try Goal Getter or Full Heal instead.


Pokemon Unite Full Heal Item Stats
Full Heal

Full Heal is great for front liners to effectively maneuver the map without getting affected by hindrances. Since tanks are often the focus of the enemy, Full Heal provides a Pokémon like Crustle stronger positional advantages, allowing the pick to prioritize hindering the enemy instead. In addition, the cooldown on the battle item is only 40s.

Held Items

Float Stone Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Float Stone

The core of this build is Float Stone. The item on its own is not the greatest, but the base stats provided go a long way in helping Crustle. Utilize the item for the additional attack stats alongside movement speed stats. Float Stone’s active will likely not come in handy, but the held item’s base stats are the core reason to the items functionality.

Buddy Barrier

This item, as a whole, simply is not balanced. Almost every mon can make usage of this held item. Buddy Barrier makes Crustle un-killable during its unite move. The item’s additional bonus HP also comes in clutch.

focus band
focus band

Focus Band synergizes with Crustles’ shell smash, the bread and butter of this build. The item itself provides additional defensive stats, alongside health regeneration when low. Crustle can convert the defensive stats into offensive, allowing it the best of both worlds.

Best Moves

Shell Smash

This move is the core of this entire build. As previously mentioned, by converting the defensive stats into offensive, Crustle deals amazing damage during the buffed time period. In addition, the crab gains insane movement speed, allowing players to zoom around and outmaneuver pretty much every pick in the game.


Without X-Scissor, Crustle’s damage falls off significantly. This move deals consecutive blows, while also knocking the enemy backwards. Comboed with Shell Smash, Crustle becomes an unstoppable melee machine.

In Conclusion

This guide is definitely not the only viable method of playing Crustle. But the others are simply not as consistent, with hard to hit skill shots. Without the damage from this guide, Crustle is generally very reliant on their teammates to function properly.

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