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Pokemon UNITE Cinderace Skins

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Trainers, the time has come for the soccer-playing rabbit to get their game swag on. As with all MOBAS, skins, and outfits are essential to the Pokemon UNITE experience. This Pokemon UNITE Cinderace Skins piece will go over all of the outfits available to the Galarian bunny.

Captain Style

Players can get this Cinderace skin as part of the first battle pass during the first ranked season. However, as ranked is in the middle of season 2, it is unavailable. Sadly, there is no way players can currently get this skin or holowear anymore. The only other way players could have obtained this skin was to pay for it with gems, something that some members of the community frown upon.

However, there are sure to be more skins for Cinderace released in the future. With Cinderace being one of the most popular Pokemon coming with Sword and Shield, it is not a surprise that it was one of the representatives for Pokemon Unite. With the abilities Cinderace has along with its ranged style of gameplay, Cinderace should have plenty of skin options going forward. So, stay tuned UNITE players.


With this Pokemon UNITE Cinderace Skins piece in mind, fans should now be on their way to completing their skin collections. Cinderace is a fan favorite attacker and starter. And it is no surprise that it made it into the base game. There is no doubt in my mind that the developers will give it more skins. However, until more are added, players that didn’t win this by getting to the top of the Battle Pass will have to deal with a naked bunny.

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