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Pokemon UNITE Blastoise Build: Blasting Off Again

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Hello trainers, it’s finally here. It’s September 1 and Blastoise has touched down on the lanes with a splash. However, this Pokemon UNITE Blastoise build/guide will show players how to try this Pokemon and do well the first time.

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Blastoise is finally on the roster with its siblings, Venusaur and Charizard. This defender Pokemon will be an invaluable defense asset for any team. Blastoise’s star ratings are as follows:

Offense: 2 stars

Endurance: 3 1/2 stars

Mobility: 2 stars

Scoring: 2 stars

Support: 3 stars

As can be seen here, Blastoise may not be the best for attacking, but it can rock an extremely formidable defense. Blastoise should focus on keeping their teammates safe so they can deal damage to the enemy team and score as many goals as possible. Those who choose to play Blastoise should prioritize protecting their goals as its scoring potential is not the most easily optimized.

Battle Items

Those who play Blastoise should consider Eject Button for Blastoise. Blastoise’s mobility does not look high enough to escape overwhelming situations. The eject button allows players to do what they need to do and get out if they’re about to die.

Another great option is Goal Getter, which, when comboed with score shield, makes Blastoise a dunking machine.

Held Items

Buddy Barrier: This item not only stacks shields when Blastoise’s Ult kicks in, but it also helps to support the ally around it with the lowest HP.

Focus Band: Helps optimize Blastoise’s defensive capabilities by replenishing his health when it reaches low HP. This allows Blastoise to stay in longer.

Shell Bell: Restores HP little by little whenever a move successfully lands, giving the turtle more health for doing its job. Players should prioritize keeping Blastoise alive so it can help defend teammates and goals.

Take the above three items if uncertain of what to build, but for those looking for more unique play styles, try supplementing shell bell or focus band with one of the two items below.

Muscle Band: Blastoise’s attack speed is horrendously slow, but fantastically powerful. Muscle band increases his attack speed to help him kill wild Pokemon at a faster rate, while dealing more damage overall with his auto attacks to his enemies.

Score Shield: Score shield is an overall solid item, and helps polish Blastoises’ weakness of being unable to score effectively.

Best Moves

For those looking to deal as much crowd control as possible, take these two moves together since they combo fantastically:

Hydropump: Take this move since the knock back on the ability alongside damage is rather crazy, providing lots of crowd control lock down during key team fights.

Surf: This move helps immensely with crowd control, granting Blastoise insane mobility and lockdown.

If the team already has lots of lockdown, and they are lacking damage, take these moves instead:

Rapid Spin: This move spins Blastoise in a circle, allowing him to damage multiple units around him simultaneously.

Water Spout: When used alone, Water Spout is not that great. But since water spout can be used first, and rapid spin resets the cooldown of the ability, allowing Blastoise to spam the skill twice in a short period of time, the damage is really insane.


This Pokemon UNITE Blastoise build has now told everyone how to keep this turtle from becoming soup. All the Kanto starters are now in UNITE and players, especially gen one fans can now choose which one they want to storm the lanes with. Blastoise is of novice difficulty and will hopefully provide new defenders a motivating companion through this role. Get out there and rain on the opponent’s parade.

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