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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Best Pokemon for Beginners

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Pokemon Unite has entered its third month since release. The game has released six new Pokemon since then and the list is set to grow even more. With that said, a game with 26+ unique characters can be intimidating for first-time players. Not to worry trainers, this guide is here to help. Here are some of the best Pokemon for beginners in Pokemon Unite on every role.

Attacker: Pikachu

pokemon unite best characters

Pikachu is beginner-friendly for the attacker role. It is a character with simplistic abilities. Despite this fact, it can still be an effective damage dealer on the battlefield. Pikachu focuses on ranged attacks.

Its electro ball ability will follow an opponent once locked onto them and it deals massive damage. At the same time, Pikachu boasts strong crowd control. Moves such as Electro Web and Thunderbolt can keep pesky enemies from escaping and help set up combos for Pikachu’s teammates.

Pikachu requires no fancy playstyle or a unique understanding of the game. At its core, the character is a point-and-shoot damage dealer with high effectiveness in any lane. Pikachu is basic and effective, making it one of the best characters in Pokemon Unite for new players.

Defender: Snorlax

pokemon unite best characters
Image courtesy of the Pokemon Company

If a player is interested in tanky characters, Snorlax is a great place to start. Snorlax’s big strength comes from high crowd control and HP pool. After some initial ability upgrades, it is a very disruptive character.

Its block and yawn abilities are huge disrupters for the enemy team. Either one gives Snorlax high crowd control. Yawn stuns enemies in place while block pushes them back and negates their attacks. On top of these abilities, Snorlax’s ultimate, power nap slows enemies and deals a knock-up when casted.

If that wasn’t enough to make Snorlax appealing, it can also deal decent damage for a tank. Heavy slam focuses on short-term damage with a knock-up while flail deals consistent damage and gives a movement speed buff.

Snorlax’s high HP makes it less punishing for beginners while also providing rewarding gameplay. If a new player is looking for quick results, Snorlax is a worth learning.

Speedster: Talonflame

Image courtesy of the Pokemon Company

While the “jungling” role can often be hard for beginners, Talonflame makes the transition a bit easier. Its main strengths are burst damage and speed. Talonflame is a short-ranged fighter who can deal high damage quickly then move back to safety.

Talonflame’s fly ability gives it greater movement speed and invincibility for a short time. Fly can serve as a high damage engagement tool but also an escape. In addition to fly, its gale wings passive makes Talonflame move faster with lower HP.

The high movement speed makes Talonflame an ideal assassin and a sneaky backdoor scorer. This character can easily take over games when properly used.

All-Rounder: Machamp

Early generation Pokémon
Image courtesy of Bulbapedia

Machamp has high damage potential. Cross chop has a chance to deal critical hits and is hard to dodge. Also, its ultimate ability, barrage blow, can easily take out a squishy target. This move provides Machamp with buffs to its speed, defenses, and damage for a short time after.

This character is scary to deal with in a 1v1 situation and its damage is not the only reason why. Machamp possesses strong crowd control and movement speed thanks to submission. This ability helps Machamp catch up to enemies, deal damage and slam them into the ground all at once. This character is not particularly weak in any area, making it a good choice for beginners.

Support: Wigglytuff

Image for the Pokemon UNITE Wigglytuff guide
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Those interested in enabling their teammates should consider Wigglytuff. The sing ability locks opponents in place. The sleep duration lasts just long enough for Wigglytuff’s teammates to capitalize. At the same time, rollout gives it higher movement speed and a knock-up.

Furthermore, Wigglytuff can directly help its teammates. Its ultimate, starlight recital, provides debuffs and shields for nearby allies. If that wasn’t enough, double slap and dazzling gleam have decent damage and a slow. This character has a commanding presence. It sets up plays and makes it easy to take out individual targets.

Wigglytuff is very forgiving. Its high HP and crowd control help keep it out of trouble. At the same time, Wigglytuff’s high sustain lets it have an impact in drawn-out fights. It also provides strong support for its allies in multiple ways, making it one of the best characters for beginners in Pokemon Unite.

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