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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite: Best OP Pokemon to Play

Pokemon Unite OP pokemon

Ever since the release of Duraludon, Pokemon Unite isn’t nearly as balanced as it used to be. It seems almost every time a new pokemon releases, they break the meta. So before they get nerfed to the ground, make sure to abuse Duraludon! There are other picks that also stand out over the rest, especially when playing solo queue. Whether it’s because of the utility provided in a team fight, their burst damage potential, or even their map pressure, the Pokemon Unite OP pokemon listed here are sure to improve win rates in solo queue when properly mastered. Especially Duraludon.

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[Click here for a build]

The new attacker in Pokemon Unite is absolutely busted. Its central play style revolves around becoming an unstoppable turret, serving as an even strong Cramorant. Instead of waiting for its Unite Move, Duraludon becomes a turret right when it turns level 5. In essence, one of its basic moves allows the pokemon to dominate. So without much further ado, here is how to play Duraludon in Pokemon Unite.

Make sure to abuse Duraludon while possible. The pokemon will, without a doubt, get nerfed in the very soon future. The pokemon stands as the strongest pokemon in the game, possibly the most powerful pokemon to have ever released. There is no sense of balance when regarding its kit at the current moment, and not picking the Duraludon in Pokemon Unite is just asking for a harder game.


[Click here for a build]

With teleporting mechanics built into every key move, Hoopa is an unconventional supporter that is very strong when properly utilized. One of the biggest things to keep in mind when playing Hoopa is looking at the map. Since each of its moves in this particualr build teleports either Hoopa or its allies, understanding where and how to use them is very important.

Hoopa is really difficult to use. Since the pokemon teleports its allies, playing alongside the pokemon becomes very confusing very fast. But once both the allies and the user become accustomed to Hoopa’s kit, the pokemon is undeniably overpowered. Teleportation is Hoopa’s greatest asset, and therefore the moveset should prioritize exactly that. This yields the most impactful play, but there are other move sets that work as well.


[Click here for a build]

The reign of Pikachu continues. Undoubtedly one of the strongest pokemon in the game, Pikachu is an absolute monster in the current patch. It’s rather squishy, with relatively low DPS, favoring burst damage over a consistent stream of damage. So why is Pikachu so strong?

Pikachu’s strength comes not necessarily from its damage, which of course is still really good, but more so from the utility it provides. There are different move sets viable for the pokemon, but take Volt Tackle as an example. The move deals significant damage, while keeping the enemy airborne. Combo the move with allies’ lockdowns, to prevent the enemy from moving until they inevitably just faint. In other words, this move allows Pikachu to extend the duration of Crowd Control, while simultaneously bursting down the target.

Since Pikachu doesn’t require evolutions, the pick is rather strong from the beginning of the game. But Pikachu actually becomes even stronger as time ticks on by, thanks to its broken unite move. Its Unite Move recharge rate was buffed, allowing Pikachu to essentially have its Unite Move ready practically every team fight. Synergizing with Buddy Barrier, the utility and damage from its Unite Move destroys the enemy.


This pokemon definitely requires a strong understanding of the game to maximize. When wielded by a knowledgeable player, Wigglytuff destroys team fights. Despite receiving a minor nerf to its Unite move, Wigglytuff’s Unite Move is one of the most impactful moves in the game. Providing a huge shield to its allies, alongside additional shielding thanks to Buddy Barrier, Wigglytuff allows the carries in the team composition to become quite unkillable.

In addition, Wigglytuff scales relatively quickly into the game. Acquiring one of its most important moves at level 4, the pokemon contests the early game quite well. Since Wigglytuff excels in both team fights and laning phase, playing the pokemon idol is highly recommended. Especially because often times, team compositions lack a proper utility supporter.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, analysis of these powerful pokemon provided useful information for those looking to climb the ranked ladder. Utilizing these picks to their full efficiency is sure to yield success. But don’t treat this Pokemon Unite OP pokemon list as definitive must play pokemon. In fact, there are may pokemon not listed in this article that still play very well in the current meta. Instead, utilize the information provided to grasp a stronger understanding of the strengths of these picks instead.

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