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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Azumarill Moveset Analysis

Pokemon Unite Azumarill

Every couple of weeks, developers add in a brand new playable pokemon to the mobile MOBA. With the Azumarill releasing, here is a complete Pokemon Unite Azumarill Moveset analysis. The base move description will be shown, with a quick analysis to its uses thereafter. These were provided by ElChicoEevee, and are technically data mines. But with official gameplay trailer having released, alongside ElChicoEevee’s great track record with accuracy for these leaks, these will highly likely be almost the word for word renditions.

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Passive Huge Power

When this pokemon hits only a single opposing pokemon with a basic attack, a move, or its Unite Move, the hit is always a critical hit. However, when this pokemon hits two or more opposing pokemon at once with a basic attack, a move, or its Unite Move, the hits are never critical hits. 


Azumarill’s passive is very interesting. Guaranteed critical hits sound incredibly overpowered, especially in the solo top meta for competitive play. But the downside of no critical hits when hitting multiple targets further accentuates Azumarill’s inclination to 1v1 others. This scenario occurs rather seldomly in solo queue.

Auto Attack

Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage to opposing pokemon within a cone area of effect in front of the user.


Damaging increased damage in a cone in front of the user allows Azumarill to deal great area of effect DPS. In other words, though it is rewarded for hitting a single target with guaranteed critical hits, the pokemon still has tools to deal with crowds of enemies.


Has the user charge forward, dealing damage to any opposing Pokemon it hits and leaving them unable to act for a short time.


Nothing too out of the ordinary. Tackle is a rather straight forward, standard beginning move.


Has the user spray bubbles in a cone, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and decreasing their movement speed for a short time. The user can move around while using this move.


Bubble is also pretty standard, but having the ability to move around while using it is huge. Greninja’s prevolution wishes it could do this. Marill, Azumarill’s preevolution, seems to be rather mobile to begin with. And mobility in Pokemon Unite is a huge asset for any pokemon.

Play Rough

Increases the user’s movement speed for a short time and changes the user’s next basic attack. When the user performs its next basic attack, it lunges at one opposing pokemon in range and delivers repeated blows, dealing damage to that pokemon and leaving it unable to act for a short time.

Upgrade: Further increases the user’s movement speed when this move is used, and also reduces this move’s cooldown.


Thanks to the single target nature of Play Rough, this allows Azumarill to access its passive with ease. Though play test is necessary for more thorough analysis, this move sounds broken. With the guaranteed critical hit on a single target, Play Rough is sure to deal phenomenal damage. The “leaving it unable to act for a short time” section essentially means Azumarill gets free damage alongside crowd control.

Aqua Tail

Increases the speed and area of effect of the user’s next three basic attacks. If these basic attacks hit from a distance, they also deal increased damage, restores the user’s HP, and can ignore the Defense stat and shield effects of opposing Pokemon they hit.

Upgrade: After the user activates this move, its next three basic attacks will also reduce the coodlwon of all its moves when they hit an opposing pokemon from a distance.


Any move that restores HP and reduces cooldown has the potential to completely break the game. Tsareena broke the game, and so did Lucario. This could very realistically be the next move that allows Azumarill to do the same thing. But once again, it’ll depend largely on the actual drop for first hand experience.

Water Pulse

Has the user shoot a pulsing blast of water in front of itself. When the blast of water hits an opposing pokemon, it decreases that pokemon’s movement speed and deals damage to all opposing pokemon in an area of effect around the pokemon it hit. the blast of water then automatically bounces to another target if one is available. Including the first target, the blast of water can bounce between up to three targets consecutively, and each hit behaves in the same way as the first. When the blast of water is traveling, the user can perform a short rolling dash in a designated direction.

Upgrade: Increases the maximum number of targets that the blast of water can bounce between by two.


My gosh, this is a huge description. In layman’s terms, Water Pulse sends out a projectile that bounces between enemies, while providing Azumarill a rolling dash. Seeing as how Azumarill’s damage guarantee crits on a single target, Water Pulse may very well crit with each target it hits. Once again, play testing is needed, but the move sounds super broken.


For a short time, four small whirlpools appear that swirl around the user as it moves. If a whirlpool hits an opposing pokemon, the whirlpool deals damage to it and restores the user’s HP. If a whirlpool hits a pokemon on the opposing team, in increased amount of HP is restored to the user.

Upgrade: Reduces this move’s cooldown and increases the amount of HP it restores to the user.


Pretty standard move. Creates circles around Azumarill, which essentially just deal damage and restore its health. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Unite Move: Belly bash

Has the user pound its belly three times, granting it a shield. With each pound, the user loses HP in exchange for increased Attack. The user can move while pounding its belly. Afterward, the user targets an opposing pokemon then charges at that pokemon, dealing damage to and throwing all opposing pokemon it hits while charging.


Taking this move with buddy barrier will definitely be the move. Especially since it costs HP to use, but is granted a shield, buddy barrier will serve essential to maximize the Unite Move’s usage. It does increase attack, so expect Azumarill to absolutely destroy once it uses its Unite move.

In Conclusion

Pokemon Unite Azumarill moveset seems rather broken on paper. But once again, as mentioned throughout this article, hands on experience is definitely necessary for a more in depth analysis. Pokemon Unite developers have a tendency to release pokemon in a rather overpowered state. It happens quite often, so it’s pretty safe to assume it’ll likely happen again. The Game Haus will cover more, including an indepth guide and build once the pokemon comes out. So Stay tuned!

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