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Pokemon Unite Azumarill Leaked

Pokemon Unite Azumarill

A recent video has been circulating the internet, showing off the new addition to Pokemon Unite. In ElChicoEevee’s YouTube video, Pokemon Unite Azumarill made its unofficial debut. Playing as an All-rounder, the pokemon hasn’t technically been revealed quite yet. But at this point, with data mined gameplay footage, Pokemon Unite Azumarill’s debut became quite inevitable.

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Check out the gameplay pre-release footage linked below.


Pokemon Unite typically releases one to two pokemon ever month. Therefore, Pokemon Unite Azumarill stands to join the game sometime in April. A teaser for a new pokemon dropped recently, which might be indicative of Pokemon Unite Azumarill’s entry.

As with most new pokemon, Pokemon Unite Azumarill likely costs 10,000 Aoes Coins. That’s quite the steep price point, so get to saving currency now. For the new additions to Pokemon Unite, they tend to release on the stronger end of the spectrum. Duraludon released very OP, Sylveon did as well, and Dragonite practically broke the meta upon debut. There’s a chance that Pokemon Unite Azumarill follows the same trend, so keep an eye out.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind this isn’t an official release, announcement, or even reveal. As the information leaked in a data mine from ElChicoEevee, take the information with a slight grain of salt. ElChicoEevee earned a great reputation for Pokemon Unite leaks, with an amazing track record for accuracy and legitimacy. But at the end of the day, this information lacks the Pokemon Company’s approval.

A move set analysis, build, and even release date piece will be posted here at The Game Haus in the next couple of days. So for more content for Pokemon Unite, be sure to stay tuned.

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Pokemon Unite Azumarill Leaked - The Game Haus - Pokémon News March 30, 2022 at 1:06 pm

[…] In a recent gameplay footage posted by ElChicoEevee, Pokemon Unite Azumarill leaked, practically confirming its entry in the game.View full source […]


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