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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Revealed

Pokemon Unite Aegislash

A recent leak in the Pokemon Unite community revealed a future pokemon, Aegislash. Though technically just a leak, and therefore not official, very strong evidence points towards the pokemon’s eventual release. There has been actual gameplay roaming the internet, with the in game model. The stats for the pokemon dropped, showing the leveling patterns, its evolutions, and even the base overview. At this point, it’s not really a question of if the pokemon is coming, but more so when.

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Aegislash Overview

For those who don’t know, Aegislash debuted in the main line series in generation VI. In other words, it was introduced in Pokemon X and Y. This is pretty interesting, because players would think Aeglislash joined the game in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But nope, it’s actually from the generation before. Anyhow, Aegislash is a steel ghost type pokemon. By switching between an offensive and defensive form, the pokemon makes great use of both

Utilizing physical attack, the sword shaped pokemon will play as an all rounder, with three different evolutionary forms. Beginning as Honeedge, the pokemon evolves into Doublade at level 5. Then at level 7, Doublade evolves into the final form, Aegislash. None of the movesets have been shown as of now, but this pokemon will definitely be quite interesting. Though a little unconventional in regards to design, Aegislash opens up the opportunity for one of the most unqiue pokemon to join Pokemon Unite. After all, in the main game, Aegislash specializes in different stances. These stances create different play objectives.

Think of something similar to Nidalee or Jayce from League of Legends. In essence, a pokemon that can switch its play style on the fly. Pokemon Unite Aegislash may very much be their version of the mechanic.

In conclusion

As a whole, Aegislash would be a really cool addition to Pokemon Unite. Don’t forget, this isn’t an official announcement. But the direct evidence pointing towards Pokemon UNite Aegislash are rather undeniable. The only way that the pokemon doesn’t enter the game is if the Pokemon Unite developers purposely remove the data out of spite.

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