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Pokemon Unite Aegislash Moveset Analysis

The newest pick for Pokemon Unite plays as a versatile all rounder. To help players prepare for the new pick, here is a Pokemon Unite Aegislash Moveset analysis. Likely to evolve the meta, Aegislash’s objectives in game focus around adapting to the different circumstances the pokemon finds itself in. Utilizing its different forms, the pokemon is very versatile by nature.

Set to release on February 11, Aegislash releases towards the middle of February. This potentially foretells the time for next patch update as well, seeing as how pokemon releases are often accompanied with a patch as well.

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Leveling Patterns

Aegislash begins the game as Honedge, evolving into Doublade at level 5 and finally into Aegislash at level 7. Aegislash learns its unite move upon reaching level 9. Therefore, Pokemon Unite Aegislash moveset becomes complete at level 9, excluding the move upgrades. This mirrors the leveling pattern of pokemon like Cinderace. This means that the pick will likely be a bit of a slow starter.

Move Analysis

Level 1-2

Upon starting the game, players are given the option of choosing between Shadow Sneak and Iron Defense. Of course, Honedge eventually learns both without requiring much sacrifice, so there’s not too much risk in committing one move over another.

Shadow Sneak

Base Description

Has the user cast a shadow in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits. After the shadow hits an opposing Pokemon or travels its maximum distance, the user warps to the shadow’s location and deals damage to nearby opposing Pokemon. This also makes the boost count increase.


Chances are, at level one players will want to take Shadow Sneak. This is because during the very beginning of the game, the most important thing for pokemon to do is clear the initial wave of wild pokemon. Shadow sneak provides both the damage alongside mobility to aid in doing so.

Iron Defense

Base Description

Envelops the user in a powerful protective force for a short time. The protection disappears after blocking one attack and increases the boost count by one at the same time.


One Honedge learns Iron defense, the pokemon’s mechanics shift drastically. This pokemon is unique in that it can use different two different forms. Blade Form increases the user’s movement speed, Attack, and basic attack speed, while in Shield Form its Defense and Sp. Defense are increased. 

Before moving onto its other moves, it’s time to break down the pokemon’s basic attacks. The pokemon’s enhanced basic attacks of the pokemon change alongside its form. Therefore understanding the base mechanics allows players to maximize their play potential using their respective Pokemon Unite Aegislash Moveset.

Basic Attack

Base Description

The user slashes at opposing pokemon in front of itself, dealing damage to them. If the boosted count is one or more, the user’s basic attack becomes a boosted attack that changes as follows:

When in Blade Form, the user swiftly pierces through opposing Pokemon, dealing damage.

When in Shield Form, the user rams opposing Pokemon, dealing damage and leaving them unable to act for a short time. Additionally, the attack restores the user’s HP and reduces the cooldown of Sacred Sword and Shadow Claw when it hits.

Every boosted attack consumes one boost count.


That was a lot. Here’s the layman’s version.

Blade Form deals more damage, while Shield Form provides crowd control alongside sustain.

But of course, there’s a lot more to it. For more nitty ditty details, use shield form as the pokemon’s base form, switching out at opportune moments to deal damage. The reasoning behind this is the “restores the user’s HP and reduces cooldown of Scared Sword and Shadow Claw when it hits.” With any pokemon in Pokemon Unite, if they have a cooldown refreshing mechanic, players absolutely need to play around it.

Take for example Tsareena and Lucario. Both refresh cooldowns on their moves, which allow for some game breaking burst damage. The same applies here, especially because the shield form also stuns the enemy alongside restores the user’s HP. This is essentially a mix of Tsareena and Lucario’s enhanced moves/basic attacks, which can realistically make Aegislash very powerful. Once again, understanding this mechanic is crucial to maximizing Pokemon Unite Aegislash moveset optimization.

Level 5
Sacred Sword

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Moves

Base Description

Has the user thrust its blade into the ground, creating a triangular zone. The triangular zone erupts with a hidden power, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and throwing them. Also increases the boost count, and the greater the number of opposing Pokemon that are damaged, the more the boost count increases. When the move deals damage to wild Pokemon, the boost count increases by a maximum of two; when it deals damage to Pokemon from the opposing team, the boost count increases without limit.

At the same time as the eruption, the user slashes forward, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon that it hits. For a short time after this slash hits, damage dealt by the user partially ignores the Defense of all opposing Pokemon.

Upgrade: Increases the user’s Attack for a short time if the triangular zone deals damage to opposing Pokemon.


The pokemon isn’t out yet, so it’s pretty impossible to tell exactly how powerful this move is. But judging from the description, this move has the potential to be the strongest move that ties Aegislash’s entire kit together. But why is that?

Well, note the “when it deals damage to Pokemon from the opposing team, the boost count increases without limit.”

Increasing the boost count without limit essentially means that Aegislash may be able to reset its cooldowns immediately. Granted, this would require Aegislash to switch to Shield Form, which means it needs to spam its second move immediately after. In Shield Form, “attack restores the user’s HP and reduces the cooldown of Sacred Sword and Shadow Claw when it hits.”

Shadow Claw

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Moves

Base Description

Has the user slash with its blade twice in the designated direction, dealing damage to any opposing Pokemon it hits. The user then does a final rising slash that deals damage to opposing Pokemon it hits and throws them. The boost count increases by one when at least one of the three slashes hits.

Upgrade: Increases the user’s critical-hit rate for the basic attacks, boosted attacks, and all moves except Unite Moves for a short time when the last attack hits.


From the video footage, Shadow Claw commits Aegislash to move a single direction, while Sacred Sword moves Aegislash back towards its original position. So chances are, Shadow Claw will be the more mobile option, granting forward pressure. Sacred Sword, on the other hand, provides more cooldown reduction alongside area of effect.

Actual hands on experience will be needed to decide which is better, but when analyzed on paper with the provided resources, Sacred Sword seems to be the better option.

Level 7
Iron Head

Base Description

Has the user barrel in the designated direction, dealing damage to any opposing Pokemon it hits. Also increases the boost count by one, and the user protects itself with a special shield for a short time afterward.

This shield doesn’t protect the user from hindrances, but it can nullify damage. When the shield blocks an attack, it disappears and the user’s boost count is increased by one.

Upgrade: Also increases the user’s Attack for a short time when an attack is blocked by the special shield.


This move is the more mobile option out of the two. Since it doesn’t require Aegislash to stand still, while providing a shield that effectively nullifies damage, it may synergize very well with Shadow Claw. But why is that? Shadow Claw and Iron Head are the two more mobile options in Aegislash’s kit. Therefore, having two mobile moves in its kit is likely to work out in its favor.

Once again, it’s difficult to tell how great this move will be though. The move’s strength will depend largely on how big the shield it provides alongside the cooldown on the move.

Wide Guard

Base Description

Has the user focus in place for a short time to create a great shield on itself.

When the great shield appears, the boost count increases by one, and the user shoves opposing Pokemon in front of itself and receives a shield effect.

While the great shield is present, if the user is attacked by an opposing Pokemon, the boost count increases by one. If the user is attacked again by a different opponent, the boost counter further increases by one. The boost count can increase by a maximum of two due to attacks from opposing Pokemon.

If all of the HP that is gained from the user’s shield effect is depleted before the great shield disappears, the user performs a shoving motion. This further increases the boost count by one unconditionally.

Upgrade: Reduces this move’s cooldown.


This move sounds absolutely insane. Having a stun, a shield, and two procs of boost count is a lot of utility in a single move. The biggest downside is that it requires Aegislash to stand still during the initial activation. Once again, the most important aspect to note is the boost count increase. Two boost count from activation max means one more basic attack for reduced cooldown on its sword move. Of course, this will heavily depend on how much the cooldown is actually reduced, and how long the cooldown goes for.

Level 9
Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Moves

Base Description

Has the user unleash a ground-splitting slash in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits. The lower the opposing Pokemon’s percentage of remaining HP, the more damage the move deals.

If this Unite Move knocks out an opposing Pokemon, the boost count increases.


This Unite Move is meant to be used as an execution, snowballing Aegislash into a team fight. Since it deals more damage on low health targets, time the move properly to accelerate the pacing of a fight. The boost count increase is pretty important to note, once again. Comboed with the boost count increases from Wide Guard and Sacred Sword, it’s very plausible that Aegislash will be spamming moves without end.

And once again, play test will be required to justify the claims. The numbers on the moves haven’t been revealed. From cooldown timers, damage numbers, and even base stats, there’s a lot more needed to make more accurate speculations.

In conclusion

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Moveset is very unique. The key to playing the pick will be not only to understand when to switch forms, but also grapsing exactly how to maximize each form’s usage. Shield Form clearly has more utility, while Sword Form will be the pokemon’s go to for slicing through enemies. It’s really the first pokemon to boast different forms, and is surely to evolve the expected playstyles in the MOBA for the future.

Hopefully this Pokemon Unite Aegislash Moveset analysis helped players understand what is soon to come. Once the pokemon officially releases, The Game Haus will have a full in depth guide and build as well. So be on the look out on February 11!

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