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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Guide and Build: Day One

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Guide

The newest pick for Pokemon Unite plays as a versatile all rounder. Likely to evolve the meta, Aegislash’s objectives in game focus around adapting to the different circumstances the pokemon finds itself in. Utilizing its different forms, the pokemon is very versatile by nature. To help players prepare for the new pick, here is a Pokemon Unite Aegislash guide and build.

By following this Pokemon Unite Aegilsash guide, players should be able to further maximize the Pokemon’s capabilities. Understanding which items to run, alongside the pros and cons of each move set is essential to utilizing the Sword Pokemon more effectively.

Do not consider the mentioned Pokemon Unite Aegislash Guide as the only viable method of play. Treat the guide as a base to aid in understanding, and customize as deemed fit.

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Aegislash Overview

Aegislash has two forms, with different objectives for each. When in Blade Form, the user swiftly pierces through opposing Pokemon, dealing damage. When in Shield Form, the user rams opposing Pokemon, dealing damage and leaving them unable to act for a short time. Additionally, the attack restores the user’s HP and reduces the cooldown of Sacred Sword and Shadow Claw when it hits.

Blade Form deals more damage, while Shield Form provides crowd control alongside sustain.

But of course, there’s a lot more to it. Use shield form as the pokemon’s base form, switching out at opportune moments to deal damage. The reasoning behind this is the “restores the user’s HP and reduces cooldown of Scared Sword and Shadow Claw when it hits.” With any pokemon in Pokemon Unite, if they have a cooldown refreshing mechanic, players absolutely need to play around it. Understanding this mechanic is crucial to maximizing Pokemon Unite Aegislash moveset optimization.

Aegislash begins the game as Honedge, evolving into Doublade at level 5 and finally into Aegislash at level 7. Aegislash learns its unite move upon reaching level 9. Therefore, Pokemon Unite Aegislash moveset becomes complete at level 9, excluding the move upgrades.

Battle Item


A great offensive battle item, X-attack maximizes Aegislash’s damage output.

Goal Getter

This item is great for slow scaling pokemon to capitalize on key moments, allowing them to dunk accumulated points after a successful skirmish.

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Eject Button

Players can never go wrong with Eject Button. Though the cooldown stands rather long, the item’s versatile mobility synergizes quite well with Aegislash’s fast and adaptive play style.

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Slow Smoke

This item depends more on the individual players’ preference. Slow Smoke as a whole is rather over tuned, hindering the enemy an absurd amount. Take advantage of the slow by slicing the enemy apart thereafter.

Held Items

Razor Claw

On Aegislash, Razor Claw absolutely puts in work. The pokemon relies on spamming its abilities, therefore Razor Claw maximizes the pokemon’s damage output.

Pokemon Unite Item Database - Battle Items & Held Items • Unite-DB

Focus BandAegislash isn’t just a sword, but it’s also a shield! And fittingly, shields should have defensive options as well. Focus Band works wonders in keeping Aegislash alive, alongside synergizes with its Shield Form’s sustain.

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Scope Lens

Since Aegislash should be basic attacking a whole lot, Scope Lens pretty much ensures it’s dealing damage. But out of the three, if having to switch out a Held Item, definitely swap Scope Lens for something else rather than Muscle Band or Focus Band.

Alternative Held Items

Pokemon Unite - Buddy Barrier Item stats
Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier works great on practically every pokemon, providing excellent utility to both the user at its team. Aegislash learns its unite move at level 9. That’s not too late or too early, so it can definitely still make decent use of the held item.

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Muscle Band

As a physical damage carry reliant on its enhanced basic attacks to round out its kit, attack speed is very nice.

Score ShieldSince scoring determines the game, and finding opportunity to do so can be really difficult, Score Shield is an amazing Held Item on almost every pokemon. The HP stats are an added bonus.

Best Moves

This particular Pokemon Unite Aegislash build centers around attempting to refresh the sword pokemon’s cooldowns as fast as possible. Utilizing the counters for its basic attacks, Aegislash is rewarded in this build for hitting as many targets as possible. Keep in mind, other playstyles are sure to work as well.

Sacred Sword

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Moves

Hitting multiple targets with Scared slash increases Aegislash’s boost count. And increasing the boost count without limit essentially means that Aegislash may be able to reset its cooldowns immediately. Granted, this would require Aegislash to switch to Shield Form, which means it needs to spam its second move immediately after. In Shield Form, attack restores the user’s HP and reduces the cooldown of Sacred Sword and Shadow Claw when it hits.

What about the alternative move? Shadow Claw will be the more mobile option, granting forward pressure. Sacred Sword, on the other hand, provides more cooldown reduction alongside area of effect.

Iron Head

Iron Head honestly isn’t a very good move. But shield form is great to have nonetheless. The reason Iron Head is recommended is because its the lesser of two evils. It at least allows Aegislash to continue moving, thereby focus its positional advantages.

Wide Guard is in a very unfortunate place. The biggest downside is that it requires Aegislash to stand still during the initial activation. In a fast paced team fight game, where positioning can determine a win or loss, standing still is not a luxury Aegislash can afford..

In Conclusion

This build prioritizes Aegislash’s cooldown reduction, allowing it continuously spam its moves. Keep in mind, there are definitely different methods of playing the new all rounder. But this build will likely serve players very well, and works fantastically well. Make sure to practice Aegislash a decent amount. From cooldown reductions, different form changes, and various moves to choose from, there’s a lot to learn and master for the pokemon.

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