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Pokemon UNITE Absol Guide

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Greetings Trainers, it’s time for another UNITE guide. This time, the spotlight is on the misunderstood prince of darkness. Absol is one of the best melee attackers in the game and with the right build, seeing one absolutely signals bad news for the opposing team. Below, this Pokemon UNITE Absol guide will give players everything they need to slam dunk and kill it with this champion.

About Absol


Absol is a melee Pokemon in the Speedster class. Just like Zeraora, Absol thrives in Central lane, or the jungle, as referred to by MOBA players. It is an incredible mon to play and has these stats to show for it:


Offense: 3 ½ stars

Endurance: 2 stars

Mobility: 4 stars

Scoring: 2 ½ stars

Support: ½ stars


Though it’s below other picks like Pikachu and Cinderace in terms of offensive power, Absol’s higher mobility allows it to attack at incredible speed and utilize moves that pack an incredible punch. This Pokemon is also incredibly good at zoning in on the enemy team and with the right move selections can make escape impossible. If the player maximizes the farming phase and takes advantage of killing the mobs in the jungle, they will be able to capitalize on Absol’s mid-to-late game power spike. Following the build below will help players ward disaster off from their team members.


Battle and Held Items


Battle Items: 

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Absol players should have the Eject Button equipped in order to get out of ambushes and pressuring situations easier. Now, for attack players, one could use X Attack, which would boost Asol’s attack further. But, there’s nothing wrong with stacking a mobility item on Absol’s already great mobility.


Held Items: 

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Float Stone: Float stone will increase Absol’s speed outside of combat when moving outside the speed flux. Along with that, it will increase Absol’s attack. This item is invaluable as when fully upgraded, it boosts Absol’s speed and attack by 80 and 16 percent respectively.

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Score Shield: Grants Absol increased HP and stops Pokemon from interrupting attempts to score.

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Scope Lens: Absol is already great at dealing critical hits, but this held item will ensure it happens more likely than not. At grade 20, scope lens increases Absol’s critical hit rate and damage by 4 and 8 percent respectively.




Pursuit: Allows Absol to charge to a designated location and then pounce on opposing Pokemon with its next basic attack. This move can also be used to get out of ambush situations or losing fights. Players should do themselves a favor by using this in conjunction with Eject Button. Upgraded, this boosts Absol’s speed along with the Float Stone. See what’s trying to say?


Sucker Punch: This move allows Absol to jump back and after charging up, appear in front of an opposing Pokemon to do damage. Pairing this with Pursuit can make Absol a zoning god. While this will decrease the speed of both Absol and the opponent while charging, if Absol is attacked while charging, it will attack immediately and shove the target back. When upgraded, it increases the speed of Absol’s basic attacks.


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Playing this Pokemon, players will be able to forewarn the opposing team’s defeat and become a harbinger for victory. With this Pokemon UNITE Absol guide in mind, players will be able to use this prince of darkness to exalt themselves to ranked royalty in no time at all. If players are interested in any of our other guides, or other articles on anything Pokemon and UNITE, they can click here.

Enjoy your matches, Trainers!!

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