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Pokemon Unite

What to expect for Pokemon Unite 2022

Pokemon Unite 2022

Pokemon Unite grew a phenomenal amount since release. From numerous pokemon releases, game changing updates, and an overall more balanced state of play, Pokemon Unite really impressed its fan base. Ringing in the new years, Pokemon Unite 2022 is sure to bring tons of new changes to the game. Here are some speculations that are highly likely to occur for the game’s progress through the year.

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Draft Pick

For those who don’t know, Draft Pick is a function where teams choose one by one the specific pokemon that they want to play. As of now, the function remains absent because of the small roster of playable characters. But considering the pace that Pokemon Unite adds playable pokemon, this feature will soon become viable for implementation. Therefore, given some time, Pokemon Unite will almost without a doubt add a draft feature in Pokemon Unite.

Why Draft Pick is Necessary and Will Occur

Draft Pick is essential for any balanced MOBA. Without this feature, the competitive scene alongside ranked play begins to lose its edge. Think of it this way. When a pokemon dominates the current meta, chances are both sides insta-lock the pick. Game patterns repeats where players begin to only see the same pokemon played, over and over and over again. During the beginning stages of a game, it was okay for the game to not be catered competitively. In fact, on a spectrum of gameplay, Pokemon Unite is definitely catered more for the casual player base. Something Unite developers begin to realize, as do the player base, is that MOBAs by nature are very competitive games.

What Draft Pick Adds

A key feature in these PvP style games is counter play. In essence, each pokemon has a trait that can be exploited another. For example, Cinderace hates playing against Zeraora since Zeraora bursts the poor fire pokemon. Meanwhile, Zeraora hates matching up against Blastoise and Slowbro because CC destroys the assassin’s playstyle. These add layers of competition and knowledge necessary to succeed in the game. Currently, counter picking relies heavily on luck, since players cannot predict the enemy pokemon choices.

Of course, the pokemon selection screen increases with the addition of Draft Pick. But considering so many players panic already, from lack of communication and selfish lock ins, Draft Pick definitely would improve Pokemon Unite.

Bans and Positional Queues (?)

The next logical step from draft pick are bans and positional Queues. Pick Bans allow players to choose a specific pick to remove from their match, preventing both allies and enemies from playing the pokemon. Positional queues allow players to choose their lane before the game starts. These quality of life changes make sense to follow up Draft Picks, and definitely improve quality of gameplay. But whether or not they’ll join in on 2022 is very uncertain.

Bans require even more pokemon than Draft picks for proper implementation. Imagine 10 different bans in the current state of the game. Only 15 pokemon would be playable, and out of those 15, 10 would be chosen for a fact. This assumes each player acquired every pokemon. Highly likely, players may not have a pick left to lock in.

Positional Queues, on the otherhand, can easily be implemented even now. But only time will truly tell if Pokemon Unite developers consider this a necessity to the game.


Pokemon Unite celebrated Halloween and Christmas during its first year. Accompanying these events were unique holiday outfits, holowear, and even limited time rewards. This opens up the very real probability of other events corresponding with international holidays. Therefore, expect more celebrations of similar characteristics throughout the year of 2022.

In fact, 2021 helped solidify the routine scheduling of other Pokemon Unite events, such as the ranked season and battle passes. Every ranked season lasts for 3 months, and each ranked season brings a new Battle Pass. Each Battle Pass provides one pokemon holowear in the beginning, and one as the biggest final reward. The first one simply reskins the pokemon in a cute little outfit, while the latter drastically shifts animations adding a bunch of extra effects.

And of course, expect tons of new pokemon. The roster grew drastically since release, but Pokemon Unite truly has just begun. When compared to other MOBAs, boasting 60-100 different picks, Pokemon Unite definitely has a long way to go to catch up. And the developers have a massive pool of different pokemon to choose from.

In Conclusion

Pokemon Unite 2022 marks a milestone in the game’s growth. Likely, the game’s evolution will push the state to even greater heights. The mentioned guarantees of 2022 are but a hint as to what is to come, so stay tuned for more official news sure to be revealed. Developers impressed the community with their commitment towards bettering the game. Be it the criticisms of being pay to win, gameplay changes necessary for balance, Pokemon Unite remains heavily invested in its player base. Here’s to a great year for Pokemon Unite.

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