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Pokemon Pokemon Unite

Pikachu Build Pokemon UNITE

Pokemon UNITE is now out and everyone has teamed up with their friends to become the number one team in Aeos. The newest MOBA to hit the market has now captured the hearts of Pokemon fans and fans of games like League of Legends or DOTA. With a roster full of fan favorite Pokemon, the craze surrounding it is not surprising, especially with Pikachu leading the way. This Pikachu guide for Pokemon UNITE will be going over the best build for everyone’s favorite electric mouse.

About Pikachu

Pikachu is one of the best ranged attackers, along with one of the best Pokemon in the game. It has these ratings in its stats,

Offense: 4 ½ stars

Endurance: 1 ½ stars

Mobility: 2 ½ stars

Scoring: 2 stars

Support: 1 ½ stars

With this in mind, Pikachu may not be the best Pokemon to support in a fight or, the best for scoring. However, with its offensive capability and early power spike, it remains a great damage dealer for any stage of the game. With these items and abilities in your toolbox, every player will be able to unleash the lightning might of Pi-KO.

Held Items

Every Pokemon in the game has held items that will bring out their best. For Pikachu you will want these three items: 

Visual for the item discussed in the Pikachu guide for Pokemon Unite
Image from Dexerto

Wise Glasses: Increase Pikachu’s already busted special attack. Its effect increases when upgraded, allowing for Pikachu to dominate the game with its abilities. More on that later.

shell bell illustration for Pikachu Guide for Pokemon Unite
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Shell Bell: Restore Pikachu’s health whenever it lands a move successfully. This is more beneficial than Leftovers as the method of restoring health complements Pikachu’s role as an attacker, especially since the item scales with special attack.

visual for the Pikachu Guide for Pokemon Unite
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Float Stone: Increases Pikachu’s movement speed when not in combat, which will make escaping hordes and getting to different places your teammates are at incredibly easy. It also grants Pikachu a high boost in overall attack, a very broken attribute to add onto the item.

Image for Pikachu Guide for Pokemon UNITE
image from Rankedboost

For Pikachu’s battle item, you will want to equip the Eject Button. Pikachu’s mobility is on the less useful side, so having a way to warp to a distant spot on the map will help keep you from dying.

Ideal Move

Pikachu will pretty much always start with Thundershock and Electroweb in the early stages of the game. Many of Pikachu’s abilities require the need to aim skill shots, such as thunder and thunderbolt. They both release fast, but there exists a margin of error, which is left mostly to Unite’s targeting system. And that is not a good thing. These two abilities make Pikachu shine:

image from

Electro Ball: The targeting system alongside the nature of the game vastly help Electro Ball’s viability. The skill is a guaranteed hit, tracking enemies without the need to aim. This makes it the perfect skill for an execution shot. In addition, the hit itself is area of effect, meaning it can affect multiple targets. 

image from

Volt Tackle: This move is Pikachu’s ace in the hole. It not only rushes in on an enemy but will also have Pikachu jump back a considerable distance after. This will help players get an escape and an attack all in one. For those League of Legends players out there, Volt Tackle is Yasuo ultimate without the need of a knock up. 

Good Luck

With this Pikachu guide in mind, trainers should be able to get the most out of Pokemon UNITE with this spark-shattering warrior. Time your moves correctly, kite like a pro, and electro ball shall help Pikachu push for the win. For more info on the other Pokemon in the roster, stay united with The Game Haus for more articles like this.

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