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Pokemon Unite

OP Pokemon Alert: How to play Duraludon in Pokemon Unite

How to play Duraludon

The new attacker in Pokemon Unite is absolutely busted. Its central play style revolves around becoming an unstoppable turret, serving as an even strong Cramorant. Instead of waiting for its Unite Move, Duraludon becomes a turret right when it turns level 5. In essence, one of its basic moves allows the pokemon to dominate. So without much further ado, here is how to play Duraludon in Pokemon Unite.

For those looking to just build the pokemon, check the full build here

Early Levels

Duraludon likes to go center, but can function perfectly fine in the side lanes. The pokemon becomes busted once reaching level 5, so the objective during the early game should be reaching that power spike. Keep in mind, Duraludon’s basic attack range is incredibly long. So take advantage of this strength by keeping range, rather than risking death by engaging too far in.  Duraludon looks beefy, since its body size is massive, but it’s actually super squishy. Just don’t be fooled by its appearance.

Metal Claw and Laser Focus, its initial moves, aren’t necessarily weak. But they’re not all that strong. They both increase Duraludon’s range attacks. There’s little to no reason for Duraludon to throw its body into a fight. In essence, when playing Pokemon Unite Duraludon, kiting is the name of the game.

Once Duraludon reaches level 5, the reign of terror begins. 

Post Level 5

Make sure to learn Flash Cannon. The move is undoubtedly the strongest move in the game. And though its alternative isn’t bad, Flash Cannon is so strong there’s no reason to not take it. What this move essentially does is it turns Duraludon into an overpowered turret. The range and damage on the move destroys literally any pokemon, shredding through even the beefiest picks.

Imagine Cramomrant Unite Move, but without the necessity of having to charge it up. Yeah, it’s incredibly strong. Once having learned, just position safely from the enemy. The range on the move is very generous, so try not to go right in front of their face. Just mash the basic attack button thereafter, occasionally using the Pokemon Portraits to change targets.

At this point, attempt to power farm to snowball, alongside position towards key objectives. Since Flash Cannon only has a 6 second cooldown, don’t try to save the move. Instead, deal as much damage as possible whenever possible. And since no other pokemon can out DPS Duraludon’s Flash Cannon, spam objectives with Duraludon’s enhanced basic attacks.

Polishing Gameplay

For secondary move, take Dragon Tail. But don’t try to use it for damage. Much rather, utilize the move to reposition while in turret form. Unlike Cramorant, Duraludon can actually use its secondary move when in its turret form as well. The movement from Dragon Tail essentially rounds out Duraludon’s only weakness, the lack of mobility. Save both uses for when in turret form, allowing the dragon-type to roll towards or away from the enemy when in skirmishes.

Duraludon’s Unite move creates an area of effect circle around it, that deals damage and slows. Use the move when surrounded by multiple enemies, since Duraludon is rewarded for hitting as many units as possible. From then, just proceed to burst as many pokemon down as possible.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this taught players how to play Duraludon in Pokemon Unite. Make sure to abuse Duraludon while possible. The pokemon will, without a doubt, get nerfed in the very soon future. The pokemon stands as the strongest pokemon in the game, possibly the most powerful pokemon to have ever released. There is no sense of balance when regarding its kit at the current moment, and not picking the Duraludon in Pokemon Unite is just asking for a harder game. And since there’s no ban picks in the game quite yet, make sure to lock the pokemon in whenever possible.

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