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New Pokemon for Pokemon Unite, Duraludon Revealed!

The brand new pokemon entry for Pokemon Unite revealed in the recent Pokemon Presents. Celebrating the 26th anniversary, Pokemon Unite Duraludon revealed. Since the list of pokemon before showed an attacker as the next entry, Duraludon may realistically be an attacker. The Steal/Dragon type pokemon has no preevolution or post evolution, therefore expect Duraludon to begin quite strong in the early game.

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Pokemon Unite developers seem to be getting more and more ambitious with their pokemon designs. Hoopa and Aegislash were perfect examples of this, with very unique gameplay styles. Therefore, its expectations stand rather high for the newest entry as well. Only two gameplay footage shown so far. One shows an area of effect circle where Duraludon yells, enveloping its surrounding.  In the other, the pokemon shoots out a projectile that creates a circle, similar to that of Crustle’s move.

As of now, the moves seem rather generic. Therefore, it’s rather difficult to say exactly what they might be or do. Until more gameplay footage releases, further conclusions are difficult to make.

The pokemon’s base stats boast a high special attack. Therefore, it’s a logical conclusion that the pokemon will scale with special attack in Pokemon Unite as well. It’s surprising, but Pokemon Unite stays rather loyal to the scaling of its main line series and stats.

In Conclusion

With no release date and minimal gameplay footage of the new pokemon, there’s not much to really say about the new pokemon. But the excitement is palpable, and the expectations are high. Perhaps they’ll actually make a more simplistic pokemon, since the past couple pokemon (Aegislash/Hoopa) were mechanically intensive and complex.

Whatever the case, The Game Haus will continue to cover updates as they release. So come back for a build, moveset analysis, and even future trailer breakdowns!

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