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Is Pokemon Unite Azumarill Worth it?

Pokemon Unite Azumarill Worth it

Most new pokemon cost a total of 10000 Aoes coins in Pokemon Unite. This currency takes quite a while to save up, requiring dozens of games over the course of multiple weeks. Therefore, before rushing to purchase a new pokemon, players should consider whether or not that pokemon is worth purchasing. Of course, rich whales can always just use gems bought with real money instead. Those who can afford and want to do so should do that. But for everyone else, here are factors to cosnider for those wondering “is Pokemon Unite Azumarill worth it.”

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Okay, so people play different pokemon for different reasons. Maybe it’s the pokemon’s specific playstyle. Or perhaps they like the design. Well, Pokemon Unite Azumarill looks very cute. It’s like a water circle, evolving from Marill, one of the most popular second generation water type pokemon. For players who have already grown attached to the pokemon, definitely don’t hesitate to purchase it. But here are some caveats for other players, who aren’t nearly as attached.

Is Azumarill good

In its current state, Azumarill feels like a solid B tier pokemon. The pokemon is a jack of all traits, but a master of none. Essentially, it can be a melee bruiser, it can engage, deal damage, pretty much do everything. But for whatever specific playstyle a player zones in on, other pokemon in the game perform the job even better.

For example, players looking for a melee all rounder can easily just play Lucario or Tsareena. They both deal more burst damage and deal more damage over time than Azumarill. They can also sustain longer during fights, especially Tsareena with its healing on its abilities. But Azumarill has access to potentially deal ranged attacks as well, through Water Pulse. Of course, this would require committing one of its moves to doing so. In essence, players would need to sacrifice Play Rough, which is one of Azumarill’s better moves.

If strength in the meta is the biggest determining factor for purchasing a pokemon, Pokemon Unite Azumarill is not worth it.

Is Azumarill Fun?

Mmm… This one is obviously more fickle to opinion. As a whole, the pokemon feels a little sluggish. It’s normal movement speed is rather slow, and its moves don’t provide much mobility. This makes positioning and dealing damage trickier. For players who don’t really mind slow movement speed, Azumarill is a nice, simple pick to play.

But for those who are used to pokemon like Greninja and Zeraora, Azumarill will feel like its walking with extra ankle weights. 

Azumarill’s all in damage feels pretty satisfying when done properly. The issue is it’s rather burst reliant, and outside of the intial combo the pick can fall off. For those who prefer simpler pokemon, and like to stay away from combo complex picks, Azumarill may be fun and worth it.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, it’s up to a player’s individual preference on whether or not Pokemon Unite Azumarill is worth purchasing. The pokemon does cost 10,000 Aoes Coins, which is a rather steep price and time investment. Understanding which pokemon the reader likes is essential to making this decision. Hopefully, this article was helpful! For more Pokemon Unite coverage, stay conencted at The Game Haus.

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