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Pokemon Unite

How Many Pokemon are in Pokemon Unite Currently? (Updated)

Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite has been taking the MOBA world by storm. Partially because it is a MOBA on mobile and the Nintendo Switch and also just because it is Pokemon. The pocket monsters have been exciting everyone since the early 90’s and it seems as though Pokemon is only continuing to gain more fans as time goes on. As more and more fans dive into the first Pokemon MOBA, they may be wondering, how many Pokemon are in Pokemon Unite? Here is a continuously updating piece on the amount and the latest Pokemon being added to the popular game.

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With Pokemon Unite it was important to make sure that the initial roster and Pokemon added afterward hit on many different levels. Whether this is through fan favorites, newer Pokemon for the latest games or just Pokemon that players would not have considered, Pokemon Unite has done a great job fitting many different Pokemon into the game. Here is the list of Pokemon currently in the game.

  1. Absol
  2. Alolan Ninetales
  3. Blastoise
  4. Blissey
  5. Charizard
  6. Cinderace
  7. Cramorant
  8. Crustle
  9. Decidueye
  10. Eldegoss
  11. Garchomp
  12. Gardevoir
  13. Gengar
  14. Greedent
  15. Greninja
  16. Lucario
  17. Machamp
  18. Mamoswine
  19. Mr. Mime
  20. Pikachu
  21. Slowbro
  22. Snorlax
  23. Sylveon
  24. Talonflame
  25. Tsareena
  26. Venusaur
  27. Wigglytuff
  28. Zeraora

The latest addition to Pokemon Unite is Tsareena. It is an All-Rounder and is Pokemon number 28 and the eighth Pokemon added to the game after release. One could make the argument that it is the ninth Pokemon added due to Zeraora being added on release day.

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