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Pokemon Unite

Cramorant Guide and Build Pokemon Unite

Cramorant Build Unite

For those looking to optimally build Cramorant on Pokémon Unite, look no further. This guide will discuss the best items and moves for the Water Pokémon. Cramorant deals fantastic damage over time, making the bird a strong pick given the right team composition. Playing the squishy damage carry requires a strong base set of item upgrades. Without the necessary stats, Cramorant’s damage quite frankly will not be enough to carry the game.

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Cramorant Overview

Cramorant is best played in the top lane, with a decent front liner. Since the bird is very fragile, having a tank to soak up damage allows the pick to shine best. But if top is taken, just go bot instead. Make sure spend the first couple minutes scaling, while avoiding early game picks such as Lucario and Absol. Unless followed up with the proper support, walking into these melee bruisers will result in regret, as players stare blankly at their respawn timers. The pick is best during the mid to late game, standing back while dealing phenomenal damage from afar.

Offense: 4 stars

Endurance: 3 stars

Mobility: 3 stars

Scoring: 1 1/2 stars

Support: 1 stars

Battle Items

Pokemon Unite greninja build
Eject button

It should come as no surprise that Eject Button is the go to for Cramorant. Since the attacker is pretty squishy, it is very vulnerable to the engage of front line damage carries. Eject button provides an escape for the bird, allowing Cramorant to increase the distance between it and its enemies.

X Attack

Another alternative would be X-attack, which synergizes wonderfully with Cramorant’s Unite move. Since the pick is all about maximizing damage during key moments, X-attack increases Cramorant’s damage output and thereby its functionality as an attacker.

Held Items

Buddy Barrier

Always take Buddy Barrier. The item is broken right now, and until its fixed, buddy barrier fits on practically any pick in the game. Cramorant is very fragile and extremely reliant on its unite move. Buddy Barrier grants a shield that allows Cramorant to machine gun away at its enemies undisturbed, making the held item an absolute must on the bird.

Pokemon Unite Wise Glasses Item Stats
Wise Glasses

Since Cramorant deals primarily Special attack, Wise Glasses ensures that Cramorant’s base stats are high enough to actually deal damage. Without wise glasses, players will find cramorant’s damage very lacking. Do NOT replace wise glasses.

Pokemon Unite Shell Bell Item Stats
Shell Bell

The third item is more of a wild card. Shell bell is more optional on Cramorant. The additional special attack and healing is nice, but not necessary. For glass cannon builds, in essence full damage, shell bell is an excellent option, and as are sp atk specs. If players want to prioritize Cramorant’s unite move, energy amplifier is great too. But for those wanting more defensive stats, take focus band.

Best Moves

Many of Cramorants moves are viable in different ways. This guide will prioritize maximizing damage.


This move seems to be fantastic on almost every Pokémon that has it. For Cramorant, surf send a wave forward and pulls enemies in. The move provides insane utility during team fights, dealing a surprisingly large amount of damage thanks to the double ability to deal damage twice.

Its alternative, dive, requires going into the enemy team. This positional move does not fit Cramorant’s role as a ranged damage dealer, and therefore does not fit into many meta builds.

Air Slash

By throwing out blades of air, Cramorant deals the best damage through this move. The move positions the bird backwards, creating distance between the enemy and Cramorant. Since the move also restores Cramorant’s HP with each successful hit, Cramorant’s fragility is directly addressed. The healing synergizes excellently with both focus band and shell bell, so definitely consider these items when running air slash. If players can skillfully hit the move, Cramorant’s utility in a team fight increases drastically.

Hurricane is also a great move, providing fantastic lock down. If the team composition requires more crowd control, Hurricane might be the better option. Air slash simply deals more reliable damage, and is therefore the prioritized move for this build.

In Conclusion

Cramorant is very strong when wielded properly. Keep in mind, the Mon requires a front line to soak damage for it. Otherwise, Cramorant is often bait for the likes of Lucario, Absol, and Machamp. For those looking to try their hands on the machine gun-like Pokémon, follow this Unite Cramorant Build!

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