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Cinderace Nerfed, Charizard Buffed in First Pokemon Unite Patch Notes

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Pokemon Unite is getting its first-ever balance update, with patch notes announced and set to go live on August 4th. These patch notes affect the balance of several Pokemon, and will undoubtedly shake up the meta. The complete patch notes can be found on the Pokemon Unite website, but a more simple and clutter-free breakdown can be found below.

Pokemon Getting Buffed


This is one that was needed, as Charizard has struggled to keep up amidst a strong cast of All-Rounders. This patch reduces the cooldown on Flamethrower and Fire Blast, and also makes both of those moves do more, along with Fire Punch. This will help his abilities to not only come in more frequently but hit harder as well. Even if exact data points on these updates are not shared, it’s hard to believe this widespread of a buff won’t significantly help Charizard to compete at a high level.


Talonflame gets more damage output in a number of attacks: Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, and Fly. This is a perfect update for the big red bird, which has struggled to do much more than displace and be speedy up until this point. If this damage upgrade is significant, Talonflame could enter into the fray as a viable Speedster in the wake of Gengar nerfs.


Pokemon #3 gets a much-needed buff as well, although the effects are much vaguer. Petal Dance is simply getting a “Move Upgrade” which players will likely just have to wait and see on. Otherwise, Sludge Bomb is getting an overall upgrade, Solar Beam’s cooldown is reduced, and his Unite move now deals more damage. Venusaur was on the fringe of the meta previously, being able to output high damage already. This may put him into the top tier.


Probably the most significant adjustment in the patch notes is Wigglytuff’s overall Defense, Sp. Def, and HP being increased – the only such stat change outside of a nerf to Cinderace’s Attack stat. This comes in addition to buffs to Sign and Double Slap, two moves that were already very good for Wigglytuff. It’s hard to believe this won’t mean big playtime increases for everyone’s favorite fluffy pink ball.

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Pokemon Getting Nerfed


A Pokemon that has been played more than any other among the top players, Cinderace needed a nerf. And, man, did they get one. Cinderace, as mentioned, loses overall Attack stat and also gets damage nerfs to both Blaze Kick and Pyro Ball. Feint gets a mysterious “Move Downgrade” to top things off. Overall, this will definitely hurt the character, which has become a nightmare to deal with in the late game.

Other Notable Patch Notes

Gengar – Hex Downgraded, Shadowball and Dream Eater buffed.

Eldegoss – Cotton Spore significantly upgraded, Cotton Guard and Unite move nerfed.

Absol – Night Slash and Sucker Punch damage increased

Zeraora, Machamp, Cramorant – All tuned, meaning increases on one move, decreases on another.


While waiting for the release of these patch notes and other new updates, make sure to stay up-to-date with everything Pokemon Unite, here at The Game Haus. We will continue to provide updates on the release of any other new pokemon or any new patch notes.

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