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Cinderace Build Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Build

This Pokemon Unite Cinderace build will show players how to be deadly on the best attacker in the game. The pick definitely experienced its ups and downs, with so many patch updates tinkering with its kit. But with the mobile release, Cinderace is back on top!  For those interest in a full tier list, click here. As one of the strongest picks in the game, building Cinderace is essential to securing victory.

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Unite new held items
Razor Claw

This item is broken on Cinderace. Since the Pokemon constantly spams abilities, Cinderace makes full use of the items additional damage. 

Muscle Band

Muscle band is an absolute must on Cinderace. Do NOT play Cinderace without it. Upgrading Muscle Band rewards more damage on hit, alongside faster attack speed.  And the more basic attacks Cinderace can throw out, the better. 

Scope Lens

Critical strikes are the bread and butter of Cinderace builds. Maximizing the chance of crits ensures more damage output. But of course, taking scope lens also means sacrificing surviviability. Since Razor Claw also provides critical strike, switch scope lens out for other items if need be.

Alternative Held Items
Score Shield

This will protect Cinderace when players attempt to make scores, allowing for stronger follow up to push leads. The item itself is incredibly gimmicky, resulting in fantastic plays for those who understand how to abuse the item. But be warned, the item definitely has a learning curve. In addition, Score Shield grants absurd amounts of HP when upgraded, granting Cinderace extra survivability stats.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier is a fantastic item on its own. Providing amazing health stats and utility for the team, taking the item as a third option is never a bad move. Between Score Shield and Buddy Barrier, either item helps fill Cinderace’s biggest weakness: fragility.

Focus Band

This item is a bit of a mixed bag of nuts. Score Shield and Buddy Barrier have better actives, but Focus Band helps Cinderace more when it is but a small Scorbunny. But keep in mind, Cinderace is more of a late game pick than an early game. An item targeted towards the early game might not be as optimal (Buddy Barrier, without a doubt, is a better item for the late game).

Float Stone

Last but kind of least is Float Stone. Love it or hate it, the item definitely still provides extra umph for attackers. With the most base attack in the game for a held item, without the necessity to rely on critical strikes, Cinderace definitely benefits from the item. But since Razor Claw and Muscle band are absolute necessities, Float Stone sits as the last priority of an alternative.

Battle Item

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Eject Button

Cinderace is a very safe character, but when facing someone like Zeraora, Eject Button is a life saver.

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X Attack

As a damage carry, Cinderace also benfits from the extra damage output provided from this battle item.


Pyro Ball: This move allows players to not only deal damage to opposing Pokemon, but inflict burns as well. The most recent buffs to the move allow Cinderace to completely shred through the enemy team with the ball. In regards to damage, the move is undoubtedly the strongest single hit ranged move in the game (excluding Unite moves). And since the move has a 5 second cooldown, Cinderace can constantly barrage the enemy with Pyro Balls.

Flame Charge: The amount of movement speed on this ability is crazy. Utilize the ability to either close in the gap, or increase kiting range.  Since the cooldown was reduced significantly, Flame charge far outweighs Feint’s viability. 5 second cooldown compared to 13 second cooldown is simply too massive of a sacrifice. Cinderace can literally use Flame Charge to jump walls, and activate it twice during the time Feint comes off cooldown.

In Conclusion

Be sure to utilize this build to climb the ranked ladder. If prioritization guidance is needed for item upgrades, upgrade float stone, score shield, and muscle band. The additional stats when upgraded grants a significant advantage.

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