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Blissey Leaked as Potential New Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Unite

Blissey Pokemon Unite

According to a leak posted by Twitter user @PokemonUniteL, Blissey appears to be a potential future pokemon that will eventually come to the brand-new pokemon MOBA game, Pokemon Unite. Blissey has not yet been confirmed by the game to be an official character, but attached images and tweets suggest it may be the newest pokemon to be added as a part of the Blastoise and Gardevoir DLC.

It seems the user has been able to previously data mine and track down different images of things prior to release, so as of now this remains speculation, but one that appears to be trustworthy based on the leakers previous track record up until this point.

Pokemon Unite currently features very few support or defensive characters, which would likely be the base type of Blissey. As seen from the two images posted and the attached tweet, Blissey appears to have a similar supportive kit as Wigglytuff, only with a potential charm ability rather than a sleeping status effect. This would fit in line with the characters typical moveset and overall character theme.

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blissey pokemon unite
Image Courtesy of @PokemonuniteL

If added, as the images in the tweet suggest, Blissey would evolve from Chansey, a normal-type pokemon from the original first generation set. Both are classic, somewhat popular pokemon that have been featured heavily in many other of the franchise’s games. Typically, Chansey is known for working at the Pokemon Center and aiding in the healing of hurt pokemon.

While waiting for the release of the new characters, make sure to stay up-to-date with everything Pokemon Unite related here at The Game Haus. We will continue to provide updates on the release of Blissey and any other new pokemon.

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