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Pokemon Unite

Blissey Announced for Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Blissey Build

In a bit of a surprise, Pokemon Unite announced that Blissey would be the next Pokemon joining their MOBA. The Pokemon will be coming to the game very quickly, something that Pokemon Unite has done quite a bit of since its launch. Blissey will be the second healing support added to the game. Also below is the Blissey Pokemon Unite Release Date.

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The reason this is a surprise is that many expected Blastoise to be the next Pokemon added to Pokemon Unite. Blastoise is clearly in the game as the tutorial shows Wartortle. Also, Blastoise was available during the Pokemon Unite Beta. Now though, it looks like a fan favorite will be sitting on the sidelines for just a bit longer.

As for Blissey, this is likely a welcome surprise. So far Eldegoss has been the only healer in the game. This has made it essential for most team comps. Now with Blissey coming to Pokemon Unite, it wouldn’t be shocking to see it climb tier lists quite quickly.

One of the interesting notes about Blissey is that it was revealed as a datamined Pokemon. This will be a first for Pokemon Unite in a few different ways. The first one is that it was found in the code and brings more credence to Pokemon like Sylveon and Greedunt who have also been found in the coding but are not in the game. Lastly, Blissey will be the first Pokemon added that was not in beta since Zeraora. It will be worth watching to see how they balance it.

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