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Pokemon Unite

Best Pokemon UNITE Blissey Build: An Eggcellent Choice

Pokemon Unite Blissey Build

Eggs are on the menu for today’s games trainers. Today, Pokemon UNITE released Blissey on the lanes and when given the proper kit, this mon can help uplift a team to greatness. In this Pokemon UNITE Blissey build and guide, players will learn the best sets for being the best Blissey they can be.

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Blissey is a melee supporter and has these stats:

Offense: 1 star

Endurance: 3 1/2 stars

Mobility: 1 1/2 stars

Scoring 1 1/2 stars

Support: 4 and 1/2 stars

Blissey is most likely the hottest support in the meta right now and here is the point of the Pokemon UNITE Blissey build where the items and moves one needs in order to capitalize on its strengths are covered.

Battle Items

Eject Button:

This helps compensate for Blissey’s low mobility and allows it to escape precarious situations and continue supporting its team members.

Held Items

Buddy Barrier: An absolute must as it makes allies practically invincible when paired with her Ult.

Focus Band: Keeps Blissey alive by healing her at low health.

Muscle Band: Synergizes with Helping Hand and makes it more effective

Best Moves

Helping Hand: For a short time, greatly increases the user’s and nearby allies’ movement speed and basic attack speed. While these moves effects last, all of the user’s basic attacks become boosted attacks. This helps Blissey make attackers on its team more powerful.

Softboiled: Throws an egg to an ally Pokemon, restoring its HP as well as the user’s. A maximum of three uses can be kept in reserve for this move. This essentially is how Blissey heals its fellow teammates.

An important note to mention is that Blissey does not fit into every team comp. For example, Blissey should not be used in a team of majority tanks. Use it to boost attackers.


Blissey is an eggcellent choice for team support, and when used correctly, will make a world of difference. Supports are incredibly important to have on your team and no one can go wrong with this incredible Pokemon. Serve the opponent a soft-boiled plate of defeat next time you cruise the lanes. For more Pokemon UNITE news, stay tuned at the Game Haus here..

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