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3 Ways to Improve in Pokemon Unite Ranked

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The new season of Pokemon Unite ranked is finally here. After finishing up season one, some trainers may have felt unsatisfied with their rank. Not to worry trainers, there are always ways to get better. The following list contains three ways to improve in Pokemon Unite ranked.

Prioritize Objectives

Pokemon Unite Ranked

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One problem which some players face is feeling like scoring is always the number one priority. There are other aspects of the game which can decide the outcome of a match though.

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind for most trainers is defeating Zapdos. The Zapdos fight can often be a game-deciding aspect of the match. Zapdos spawns in the final two minutes. It gives the team who defeated it instant goals for 30 seconds. And with the final two minutes of the game being double points, securing Zapdos in a close game is critical.

However, one cannot go at Zapdos without thinking. Gathering up with all teammates can not only help take down Zapdos faster, but also ensure the other team doesn’t get it. Taking down enemies first should be a priority before fighting Zapdos. Otherwise, there is a good chance the other team will steal the killing blow. Save Unite moves for this battle to help ensure victory.

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Objectives go beyond Zapdos. Drednaw and Rotom play a role in this too. When the two wild Pokemon spawn at seven minutes, trainers should look to rotate to the bottom lane first. While Rotom helps with scoring, Drednaw is a more important objective for the long-term. Not only does it provide a trainer’s entire team with a shield buff, but it also gives a 119 EXP boost.

That EXP is critical in assuring a trainer’s team stays ahead of the opponent and can evolve faster. A level advantage can lead to an early lead which is held onto for the rest of the game. This especially is the case if Drednaw can be taken multiple times in one game. Keep in mind it respawns every two minutes and prioritize it at all costs.

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After the Drednaw fight concludes, teams should make their way to Rotom if it’s still up. Once again, multiple team members should make a collective effort to obtain it. Rotom not only acts as an extra teammate, but it scores 20 points in the enemy base if it makes it there. As a bonus, a trainer can instantly score on that base for 24 seconds.

A strong lead in the top lane will pressure the other team into putting extra defenses there. That opens up the opportunity to take control of other aspects of the map. Make use of the gather here function and work together to take Rotom.

Be Flexible

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Oftentimes, it can be challenging to move away from one’s comfort zone. There might be that certain Pokemon or two who feel like must picks. But in solo queue, one cannot always trust their teammates to cooperate. If the team has three Attackers and a Speedster, the team will have no sustainability.

If the team composition seems heavy in some regard, swapping to another Pokemon is ideal. Changing to a defender or supporter could help set up stubborn teammates for success. Be aware of what other teammates are playing even if they didn’t pick first.

But more importantly, experiment with other characters in the game. Take some time in casual matches or the practice range to understand their abilities. Practicing how to play in every lane is also a good idea. Being well-rounded could be the difference between being stuck in Great Class and making it to Veteran.

Learn to Build Held Items

pokemon unite held items
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Sometimes trainers play the game correctly but just don’t hit hard enough or have the sustain. This can sometimes come down to not building a Pokemon efficiently. There are two types of characters. Special attackers and physical attackers.

Depending on the character selected, some items are going to work far more effectively. It’s important to recognize what character is being used. In the main menu, press the ZR button, then scroll down to Pokemon. The game says what kind of attacker the Pokemon is by simply selecting one.

From there, it’s all about purchasing items and learning about their effects. A brief description of each item and which ones are the strongest can be found here. Aside from guides online, Pokemon Unite actually shows current builds run by top players on every Pokemon.

After selecting a Pokemon under the Pokemon section, press A on the items section. From there, press the Y button to bring up example sets. A serious difference in Pokemon performance can be noticed by simply mirroring what the best players do. Along with that, be sure to upgrade items with item enhancers to increase their power.

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