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Yes, there are Spotify playlists tailored to each Overwatch Hero

Overwatch Spotify

Have you ever wanted to listen to Dean Martin while playing Winston? Or, perhaps you’ve struggled to find the appropriate K-Pop mix while you zoom around as D.Va. Whatever the case, Spotify has you covered. Spotify user Ryan Patrick has created playlists themed around each Overwatch hero.

Yes, you read that right.

Playlists for Every Occasion and Every Hero

These playlists capture the personality and playstyle of each hero. They are a blast to listen to while playing the game but are also great outside the game. Each playlist also has an original album cover to complement the mix.

So, what are some of these like? Ryan describes his Roadhog mix as “all doom, destruction, and chaos, peppered with a shrapnel of 90’s alt-rock grooves.” With hits from Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop and, yes, Butthole Surfers, you can’t go wrong with this Roadhog mix.

Ryan described the Mei mix is “driven by the bright and icy sounds of contemporary dream pop and early 90’s stargaze, complemented by a white bed of noise rock of the same period.” Sure to produce a chill, you’ll find more indie artists like Lush or Ringo Deathstarr. Mei isn’t a mainstream pick right now, so it makes sense that her playlist follows suit.

How and Where can I Find These?

If you have a Spotify account, simply log in and search the name of the hero you are looking for. Scroll down to “playlists” and look for the artwork like these. You can also get to the playlists directly through Ryan’s account.

Each playlist usually has a couple of hours worth of music. This is the perfect length for those of us who tend to flex or those one-tricks out there. These could provide some great entertainment for streamers looking to add something to the mix, as well as the everyday player.

Ryan has been diligent to cover all of the heroes in the game thus far, outside of the game’s newest hero, Echo, who was just released yesterday. Each playlist is paired with a custom-made piece of album artwork that even further adds to the personality and charm of the playlists. All-in-all, they are seriously a work of art on their own.

These playlists have given everyone the chance to step up their game as it pertains to streaming or even just casually listening. So, what are you waiting for? So, go find your hero’s mix and, “Let’s break it down!


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[…] many people know about Overwatch’s impact on music. On Spotify, there are playlists tailored to each Hero that embody a mood that Hero puts out (Ashe and Bob recently got their own playlists as well!). […]


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