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With Each Passing Day, it Looks More and More Like #AvastCon2019 May Really Happen


What started off as a meme some several weeks ago has now turned in what looks to be a legit offseason esports event. #AvastCon2019, from the looks of it, is going to be an Overwatch esports event happening in Florida at a Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, that sentence is factual and without error.

What’s Actually Happening

From the sparse Twitter memes about this event, little is actually known about it other than who is involved and where it will be taking place. Today, for example, Susie Kim announced her involvement, which the Florida Mayhem Twitter confirmed:

Other than small bursts like these, however, it’s hard to decipher what is real and what is only in our wildest dreams for what the event could be.

How to Keep Up

From the looks of it, the event has made an official (supposedly) Twitter account that has been posting updates for fans. Otherwise, fans can keep up by using hashtag #AvastCon2019. Until then, all fans can do is wait and join in on the fun.

This may be the single greatest Overwatch esports event to ever happen. Don’t miss out.




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