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Winter Wonderland Skins 2019: What Fans Could See

winter wonderland skins 2019

With December rapidly approaching, Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event is just around the corner. Fans know what to expect this year: Mei’s Snowball Offensive, the Yeti Hunter event and a soft atmosphere of snowy Hanamura. With a strong holiday theme overall, fans have also gotten to enjoy holiday themed skins year after year. This year, the name of the game is who’s getting lucky with a new legendary. With many characters still waiting to get festive, it’s time to speculate what kind of skins fans could see when this favored event goes live.

1: Ice Harvester Brigitte

A character with a lot of love (and a lot of frustration) is Brigitte. Despite the meta shifts and the way she’s viewed by the community, there’s no denying that Brigitte deserves to get in on the holiday fun. What better way to bring her on board than to give her a pickaxe instead of a mace? Styled after something from Frozen, Brigitte could get warm and comfortable in the role of an Ice Harvester.

A big, fuzzy coat with a large furry hood could cover her head. A pair of goggles conceals her eyes, and a large axe replaces her traditional flail mace. Her shield dons a snowflake in place of Reinhardt’s lionhead symbol, and ice radiates off of her as she traverses the maps. As another character without a Winter Wonderland skin, it would be nice to see her in something festive and cozy.

2: Sleigh Ride D.Va

winter wonderland skins 2019
Image courtesy of the artist, Twitter user @vickisigh.

A fan favorite who’s yet to receive a festive skin is D.Va. After being neglected during the Halloween event once more, fans can only hope that the end of the year brings another chance for new D.Va content. What better way to celebrate the holidays than making D.Va’s iconic MEKA into a snow covered sleigh! Complete with antlers and dangling lights, D.Va’s MEKA gives the warm feeling of being cozy for the holidays.

Additionally, when D.Va pops out of her festive ride, she could look down right adorable as a snow bunny. Earmuffs replace her usual headset, and candy cane striped leggings give the additional holiday flair. A warm coat and boots complete the entire look. With D.Va receiving a little less attention this year, hopefully she can end it with a bang.

3: Ugly Sweater Moira

A character that’s usually prim and proper is Moira, the Talon scientist with a strong grasp on experimentation. Overall, Moira’s skins have been very structured and on brand with her tough personality. Therefore, it would be comical to see her as anything else. Imagine the tall, cold scientist adorning an ugly holiday sweater. Too big, ugly patterns up and down and ill-fitting from neck to torso. Her hands poke out from a polyester nightmare as she attempts to keep her team alive the best she can.

Though it might not exactly qualify as a legendary skin, fans could still see a sillier side of a rather serious character. In addition, Moira has yet to receive a Winter Wonderland skin. Spreading the wealth and giving more characters new content could be exactly what Overwatch needs.

4: Reindeer Orisa

winder wonderland skins 2019
Image courtesy of the artist, Kai Chang.

A skin that fans have long since waited for is Reindeer Orisa. A horse like omnic, the introduction of Orisa as a reindeer just makes sense. Imagine her head adorned with antlers, dangling lights hanging down as they light up her horns. Her body is covered with a soft red coat, a nod to Santa Claus in the North Pole. Her usual silver metal is painted a softer brown, a nod to the color of deer in the wild.

Additionally, her Supercharger is wrapped up like a Christmas gift. A big green bow wrapped around completes the total holiday look. While this skin might seem a big obvious, it’s still fun and enjoyable. Hopefully, Blizzard gives the people what they want.

5: Frosted Genji

A few years ago, fans thought Blizzard had accidentally revealed a Genji Winter Wonderland skin. Since then, however, nothing has come out for him, skin wise. Perhaps this year is the year he’ll get lucky, and what other way for him to enjoy the holidays than with some frosted armor. In the same vein as the Frosted Pharah skin, and the Rime Sombra skin, Genji’s armor could received a frosted tinge. Cold and snowy, Genji could blend right in with the winter backgrounds that come this time of year.

On top of the icy aesthetic that would roll off of Genji’s frosted armor, his sword could also resemble an icicle. Something along the lines of the Witch King, from Game of Thrones, could complete the look perfectly. A thin slice of ice to end the enemy attacks puts the finishing touches on what could be for Genji this holiday season.

6: Festive Doomfist

winter wonderland skins 2019
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Another bad guy who hasn’t quite gotten a chance to join the holiday fun is Doomfist. True to his character, Doomfist’s skins are created to show intimidation. The mastermind of the Talon Operation needs to be feared, after all. However, this doesn’t mean that Doomfist can’t be a part of the event. Based on the spray he received two years ago, it would be nice to see a softer side to Doomfist.

Adorned with a cozy holiday scarf, Doomfist can bundle up (even just slightly) for the cold weather. Additionally, the typical sash around his waist is replaced for a bow. It looks like something taken right from a neatly wrapped present. With some cozy boots (or slippers, if he prefers) to keep his feet comfortable, Doomfist could stay true to his serious aesthetic, while still displaying a bit of fun.

7: Ornament Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball’s unique shape gives him chances for fun designs. When it comes to holiday themed skins, this is no exception. A round ball gives Hammond the perfect opportunity to dress up as a fun Christmas ornament. Whether it’s a traditional red bauble, or something more like a snowball with white and gold glitter, Hammond could easily join in on the fun. Much like he does when in his Jack-o-lantern skin, Hammond could also make plenty of holiday noise as he rolls around the map.

Jingle bells, a soft Christmas tune, or a flash of decorative lights could accompany the entire shape of his ornament outfit. To top it off, Hammond could easily adorn a tiny bow on his head inside the ball. Either that, or a stocking could droop just off to the side, a nod to his Christmas spray from last year.

8: Ice King Sigma

winter wonderland skins 2019
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Last, but not least, is the only skin that Blizzard has confirmed so far. Shared at BlizzCon, at the beginning of the month, was Sigma’s new Winter Wonderland skin. It’s only traditional that new heroes receive a new legendary when they can. Sigma’s look this year is definitely a call to another Blizzard title, World of Warcraft. With ice horns, a frosty tint to his skin, and skull adornments to his armor gives fans Lich King vibes without a doubt.

Sigma’s eyes, as well, are frosted over. Fur pokes out from his arms, and the end of his pants. His hyperspheres as well are painted in a harsher way, with spikes resembling the end of icicles. If this is the theme that Blizzard is following, other skins could see a harsher, winter vibe as well. 


As of right now, there’s no confirmed date for the release of the Winter Wonderland event. Keep up with The Game Haus to stay on top of all information regarding the Winter Wonderland event, and the contents it will bring.


Featured Image Courtesy of Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment.

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