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Why Gen.G Should Sign Tobi as a Streamer

For the current Overwatch off-season, Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang has been streaming more consistently on Twitch. Before this, he has been inconsistent in his streams, unable to achieve his intention to stream more often. This uptick in streaming was after the announcement that he was not going to be with the Seoul Dynasty in Season 4 of the Overwatch League.

As a streamer, the 4v4 Kanezaka deathmatch event stream did a lot for him. He was able to connect with other well-known streamers in the community as well as get a chance to play with other Overwatch League pros who are in limbo (such as Seungjun ‘Whoru’ Lee, Seonchang ‘ANS’ Lee, Dongjun ‘Rascal’ Kim and Jehong ‘Ryujehong’ Ryu). He has been able to make content and stream with these personalities to make a community for himself.

A huge move, not only for himself but also the organization, would be to sign with an established gaming organization. There is no other organization that would make more sense to sign with than Gen.G. Here are three reasons why Gen.G should sign Tobi as a streamer.



Tobi is one of the most identifiable players that is associated with the Seoul Dynasty. It could be argued that he is even more closely related with the Overwatch League team than Ryujehong because he had spent his whole Overwatch League career, Seasons 1-3, with the Dynasty, unlike Ryujehong. In Season 3, he was seen front and center in a lot of the content that was created by the organization. Even though he wasn’t the official captain, that honor went to Jaehui ‘Gesture’ Hong, he was put in many situations that would be associated with the captain. As the only main support on the team, he was not only seen in content, but was in almost every match that the Dynasty played in in Season 3.

Courtesy of Gen.G

In the Gen.G Discord, which is different from the Seoul Dynasty Discord, the only emote that is representative of the Seoul Dynasty is of Tobi’s face. This shows that, of all the Seoul Dynasty, he is the one that is represented in the parent company Discord even though he has left. He has left a strong impression in not only the fans of the Seoul Dynasty but fans of Gen.G.


The content that could be made with Tobi in Gen.G is exponential when it comes to the potential. Not only does he have a good relationship with the current players, as they are often seen within his streams, but he knows the company and staff. Ryujehong is also a part of the streaming team and the two supports are always stronger together than apart. With Injae ‘EscA’ Kim soon to be returning from his mandatory military, who was also a part of Gen.G before moving to OPGG gaming, this could be a great opportunity for Gen.G for squad streams.

Courtesy of Tobi’s Twitch

It was when Tobi was watching the Seoul Dynasty play in the NeXT tournament when he had easily over a thousand viewers. He was just watching and commenting here and there, but it was one of his highest streams post-Overwatch League career. If he was able to run co-streams regularly and help make post-game content that could help both parties in achieving their goals.

Job Security

Gen.G is a well known and respected gaming organization that has many ties to other opportunities. If Tobi was to be a part of Gen.G, that could open even more doors for him. Last year, he was in three magazine spreads. He is known for his fashion and aesthetics. If he is interested, Gen.G could help him Tobi continue to pursue modeling or get gigs within esport communities.

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty

To be signed to an organization gives a little bit more job security as there are more resources in place to help the streamers succeed. Tobi could benefit from the organization and their sponsorships. It would help so he wouldn’t need to rely as much on Twitch earnings and his savings from his time on Seoul Dynasty.

Tobi to Gen.G?

If Tobi signed with Gen.G, this would be an announcement that he would be a streamer. Though this seems obvious, it is still unknown if Tobi is ready to give up being a professional gamer. To sign might ruin some opportunities that could come his way. It has been great seeing Tobi branch out playing games such as World War Z, Rainbow 6 and others with old friends as well as new. Whether or not he signs with an organization or goes back to pro play, Tiger Nation is just happy to see Tobi happy and thriving as a streamer.


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