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Who Should Get new Skins for the Overwatch 2020 Winter Wonderland Event?

Overwatch 2020 Winter Event

It’s the holiday season in the world of Overwatch. The Winter Wonderland event is a fan-favorite for Overwatch players, as they eagerly await a fun winter-themed skin for their favorite characters. Through several years of the event, almost every character has been gifted a special outfit for the season. However some characters have been waiting patiently for a new holiday skin, and this just may be their year.

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Wrecking Ball

The fact that Wrecking Ball does not have an ornament-themed skin is almost criminal. For 2020, players can feel confident that Blizzard will deliver a new wintery skin for one of the most unique tanks in the game. Just imagine a shiny red ornament speeding past the point and rolling around aimlessly, just like a Christmas ornament that just fell off of the tree.

Overwatch 2020 Winter Event
Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

There are also plenty of different directions Overwatch can take with Wrecking Ball’s winter skin. He can be a giant snowball. Or maybe the mech is a giant chestnut, with Hammond popping out of the top with a little elf hat. Why not make the holiday skin a big old lump of coal, as most Wrecking Ball players tend to be on Santa’s Naughty List.


For one of the most popular characters in the game, it comes as a massive surprise that D.Va does not have a winter-themed skin. D.Va is one of two original cast members without a holiday skin. As one of the few characters that can truly deliver a gift to the opposing team, D.Va could certainly receive a gift-wrapped Mech skin.

Overwatch devs could also go in a familiar direction with a new D.Va cosmetic. Previously, Mercy had received a Sugar Plum Fairy skin in a past Wonderland event. D.Va could be in line to receive a Sugar Plum Fairy skin as well, if not tuned a bit to fit the Mech model. Add some small wings on the back of the mech, and make it all pink and festive, and Blizzard has itself a classic Winter Wonderland skin on their hands.


Love her or hate her, Brigitte has become one of the flagship heroes for Overwatch. As one of the most recognizable characters for the game, it would only be right for Brig to get a holiday skin this season. Though she did just recently receive a new Halloween skin, much like D.Va, Brigitte would definitely be a good choice for a legendary winter skin.

Overwatch 2020 Winter Event
Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

With Torbjorn’s “Santaclad” skin, Overwatch has an excellent opportunity to follow up with another Santa skin for Brigitte. This time around, she could be a workshop helper where her flail could take the shape of a hammer. Or better yet, Brig’s hammer can just be a large Christmas light that she swings around at people. Pair that with a voice line like “Lighten up”, and people are sure to spam the character at every moment.


The four-legged main tank can sometimes feel like the fun-police in certain metas. Maybe this is the reason why she has yet to receive a wintertime skin. Someone who takes away the merriment of others surely shouldn’t have a holiday skin. But this year, Orisa has been better behaved than normal and was out of the spotlight for some time. This holiday, Orisa should get the gift of a Winter Wonderland skin.

The easy option for Orisa is a simple reindeer outfit. She has donned horns before with her Demon skin, so it is very much in her kit to wear a pair of antlers. If that doesn’t work out, Orisa can ascend to her true form as the Grinch. The antithesis of Christmas, the Grind steals away presents like Orisa Pulls opponents away from their team. Even though the Grinch is typically two-legged, surely the creative minds behind Overwatch can find a way to make Orisa the true fun-stealer she has been in the past.

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