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Which Characters Need a Skin for the 2021 Overwatch Lunar Year Event?

2021 Overwatch New Year

Seasonal events are a prime time for newer characters to grab some legendary skins. With the Lunar New Year event right around the corner, plenty of characters who were snubbed of a Winter skin can now get a second chance. Almost every character in Overwatch has received one of the Lunar New Year skins, but there are still a few missing out on the fun.

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The leader of the Deadlock Gang could use a new skin to start 2021. The great thing about giving Ashe a new skin is that her faithful butler gets a matching new outfit.  The two should be perfect candidates for a Lunar New Year skin. The last time Ashe received a seasonal skin was the 2020 Overwatch Anniversary event. In the Year of the Ox, BOB would be the perfect recipient of an Ox-type outfit.


As one of the newer characters, it makes sense that Baptiste wouldn’t have a Lunar New Year skin just yet. However, the popular support character has received his fair share of skins recently. Baptiste was a lucky winner of one of the sweetest Summer Games skins this past year. It could be another great start for Baptiste if he does get the nod for a Lunar New Year skin, though he may be on the back burner this time around.

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Much like Baptiste, Echo received a Summer Games skin this past year, which could mean that she is likely to be skipped for a Lunar New Year Skin. On the other hand, Echo doesn’t have too many great skins. As the latest character in the game, Echo is far behind in owning a large list of cosmetics. Maybe Echo doesn’t receive a legendary skin for the Lunar New Year, but this would be a prime time for Echo to add to her cosmetics list.

2021 Overwatch New Year
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

For all the characters that don’t currently possess a Lunar New Year skin, Sigma is most certainly in the very back of the line to receive one. The Halloween event gave Sigma a legendary skin that was far and away one of the best of the entire event. Though there isn’t much rhyme or reason to how characters earn skins, it would make sense that due to his recent legendary skin that he wouldn’t be lucky enough to gain another so soon. It would be one of the bigger surprises to see Sigma given a Lunar New Year skin in 2021.

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is a character many players would just have assumed owned a skin for every event. However, the oldest member on the character list still has yet to receive a Lunar New Year skin. This year would be a reasonable time for Soldier to be on the short-list for a new skin.

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