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Where’s the International Season 5 Overwatch League Casters?

The Overwatch League has been branded as a global league since the beginning. The home base for the league has always been the United States, which has been seen through the first few seasons where the teams played in California. The North American bias has not been hidden throughout the seasons. With the new start of Season 5 in a new game with Overwatch 2, the community hoped that it would be more equitable. Unfortunately, with the announcement of the Overwatch League Talent that happened this last week showed that there has been no change in the mentality.


The announcement of the talent for the Overwatch League in Season 5 was met with a lot of positivity. Casters in the T2 scene were brought up to give their fresh take to the League. While this was a positive moment for the Overwatch League community who had been vying for information since the announcement that Bren and Sideshow were not returning to Season 5. With this announcement, it was clear that this was the staff and talent for the NA region’s broadcast. That brought up the question what about the talent for the other regions?

The Overwatch League as a Global League

overwatch league season 5 start

overwatch league season 5 start

Though the Overwatch League is touted as a global league, the release of talent information was only for NA. The Overwatch League does have other broadcasts of the matches in French, Chinese, and Korean. It seems to be contradictory for the NA talent to be announced, while the other regions are left up in the air. No announcement of the other region’s talents shows the North American biased. It is important to give the same respect to each region. It only seems appropriate to drop all the talent for all regions at the same time.

There may be other variables given the different regions may have obstacles. But for talent in other regions to not have heard anything, which does mimic what the community has heard of other NA casters, shows an unorganized demeanor. The community can only hope to hear about the other regional broadcasts’ on-screen talent soon as Season 5 is less than a month away.


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