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When Will Overwatch’s Latest PTR Patch Notes go Live?

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[12/4 Update: Jeff Kaplan Confirms that Overwatch’s Latest Patch Will go Live Next Week]

Patch Notes 1.43 went live on Overwatch’s PTR a couple of weeks ago on November 13. These patch notes look to be incredibly impactful, bringing significant nerfs to several of the key meta heroes right now, including Sigma and Moira, as well as several changes to the way that barriers and armor work. These changes, from what has been rumored thus far from those playing on the PTR, look to have made a dent in the double barrier meta.

Typically, the PTR Patch Notes go live on the PTR on Tuesday and then hit live servers two weeks later. This has been the case for nearly every set of notes in recent memory. If that trend held true, fans would have been ready to download Patch 1.43 on Tuesday, November 26. However, since that date has now passed, that clearly is not the case.

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overwatch ptr patch notes
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

These most recent patch notes did, however, come out on a Wednesday and with so many instrumental changes coming, this has likely delayed the release. This was the case with PTR patch 1.41, which took 2-3 additional weeks to hit live servers.

Because of this, it is currently uncertain when fans can expect these changes to go live and for double barrier meta to (potentially) breathe its final breath. However, expect this to come soon, especially considering it has already been two weeks.

Once these patch notes go live, be sure to check out how they affect the meta by clicking on The Game Haus’s November 2019 Hero Tier List. It’s current status does not reflect the PTR patch, but it will either be updated once Patch 1.43 hits live servers or a new list will be released in December if changes are delayed.


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