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When will Overwatch Archives 2022 Begin?

Overwatch Archives 2022



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Overwatch continues to bring out the events. Even if not much else is happening with the game, Blizzard are providing in-game events and new skins for people to enjoy. The last one was the Reaper’s Code of Violence Challenge which seemingly happened in place of the PachiMarchi Challenge this year. Now Overwatch fans may be wondering what the next Overwatch event is and when it will be? If Blizzard stays with the previous years then Overwatch Archives 2022 will be the next event, but when will it happen?

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When trying to answer the question of when an event is, looking in the past is almost always the way to go. For the first three events, Overwatch ran the Archives Uprising in 2017, Retribution in 2018 and Storm Rising in 2019 during the middle of April. Their exact dates were April 11-May 2, April 10-May1 and April 16-May 6 respectively. Then came 2020.

In what was a bizarre and tumultuous year on its own, the Archives event for 2020 threw a wrench in everything. It ran from March 12-April 2. This was a full month ahead of time. Af of writing this piece, the event has yet to happen and the end of March is fast approaching.

That means in all likelihood that the Overwatch Archives 2022 event will be back on schedule and happening in early to mid-April.

With Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 1 coming in April, this event may be pushed back.

In 2021 it was April 6, but the Overwatch Archives 2022 event will likely begin on either April 7 or April 14.

If it is any later than those dates then fans will have gone quite a bit of time without any new content or events for the game. Considering nothing else is currently being added to Overwatch, it feels like this event should be coming sooner rather than later.

Overwatch 2?

There will be many who wonder if game modes like Junkenstein’s Revenge will make their way over to Overwatch 2? All indicators are that Overwatch 2 will be coming out sometime next year. The Overwatch League will be using an early edition of the game when their 2022 season starts next April. It is much more than just a second version of Overwatch, it seems as though it may feel like a relatively new game.

Not only will it be 5v5 but it will also have more of a story mode than the original Overwatch had. This means that modes like Junkernstein’s Revenge may not stand out as much considering PVE will be a normal part of the new game.

The one known part is that all of the skins from Overwatch original will carry over with player’s accounts to Overwatch 2. That means that any skins bought now are safe for the next game.

Overwatch Events

As of right now, the Overwatch yearly events are the only things keeping players interested outside of their love for the game. The Overwatch team has basically abandoned the game as they prepare for Overwatch 2. The one good thing is that the Overwatch events come around the same time every year and there is basically a new one every two or three months.

These events continue to bring out amazing skins and allow for fans to really feel like their main hero they play is getting a few good skins every year. For all of the reasonable complaints about Overwatch, one area where fans can’t be upset is the skins team. For every event, there are five to eight great skins that are available with three that are gained just from playing. This is one of the most unique ways for fans to earn free skins in a game and it is likely something that will become a battlepass of sorts in Overwatch 2.

The hope for most fans is that Overwatch events will continue on for years to come. How they will look whenever Overwatch 2 comes out is another big question that has yet to be answered for Overwatch. Will they be similar? Will they have new game modes? Could there even be brand new events and surprise ones like the Mardi Gras Event?

Fans are surely anxious to see what is next for events both in Overwatch and Overwatch 2 when it launches. It will be interesting to see what stays from these events and what goes when the new game finally comes out. Until then, fans are certainly going to be able to enjoy more Overwatch events as 2022 begins. If nothing else, the Overwatch League will be giving fans their first look into Overwatch 2. The hope for Blizzard at that point, will be that the fans excitement for the new game will increase. If not, well then at least they have the new even skins to continue to look forward to.

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