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When Pandas Are Better Than Tigers: OWL Stonk Report

This past week was a weak one for stonk changes. The amount of 3-Overwatch going on right now makes doing this article rather boring. Bad teams are bad and good teams are good. There were some notable stonk changes this past week, so there will be a stonk report. Welcome to the OWL Stonk Report.  

Stonks Up: Chengdu Hunters

Overwatch League 2019 Season2019-08-17 / Photo: Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

The APAC Region has officially entered the Chengdu Zone. It is even stranger than the Twilight Zone. This was the meta Chengdu was waiting for all year. Wrecking Ball became very viable which meant Ameng went from Clark Kent to Superman. In the span of two weeks the Hunters beat the NYXL, the Seoul Dynasty and the Hangzhou Spark. They sit at 3-0 with a +5 map differential in the Countdown Cup. This team has a serious chance to make a run, although it is probably too late. 

Stonks Down: Seoul Dynasty

2020 Roster Size
Image Courtesy of @SeoulDynasty on Twitter

Seoul is officially the most disappointing team in OWL this year. It was Atlanta for a while, but they are at least mid-table overall. The Seoul Dynasty meanwhile sit at 8-10 with a -12 map differential. Oh, and three of those wins are from tournament finishes. Remove those wins and they sit at 17th in the standings. This is a team with “The GOAT” Profit, Gesture, Bdosin, Tobi and Marve1 among others. This team is too talented to be stand where they are. After another 0-2 week, the Dynasty are in position to potentially get no points out of the Countdown Cup. If they can’t figure it out, this team may be headed for an interesting off-season. 

Stonks Up: Washington Justice

Washington Justice Walkout
Overwatch League 2019 Season2019-08-01 / Photo: Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

Stitch finally woke up! In a performance that exceeded everyone’s expectations, the Justice beat the Houston Outlaws 3-1 (more on the Outlaws in a minute). While this team has not looked great, what they want to be is clearly visible. JJanu looks to be a long term piece and potentially this roster’s superstar come next year. TTuba looks to be a nice bench DPS come next year at worst while Aimgod will likely stick around as well. It is hard for them to go up much, but with this performance they deserve it.

Stonks Down: Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws Preview
Image Courtesy of Houston Outlaws

Pain. The one word to describe how fans root for the Houston Outlaws. Their loss the the Washington Justice was downright embarrassing. This team has so much talent but they can never seem to put it together. Danteh is trying his hardest to help carry this team, but he can only do so much. This roster will likely see massive turnover next year and it is deserved. Only about half the roster should even be kept. While they are still alive technically, how much hope can be put in them? Stonks down because they are too inconsistent. 

Stonks Up: London Spitfire

Sanguinar London Spitfire
Photo Courtesy of Ben Pursell for Blizzard Entertainment

They may have lost, but man are they looking great recently. This roster received a lot of flack before the season, rightfully so at that. But so far this season Agape and the rest of the Spitfire’s coaching staff have shown what this team can do. SanGuiNar, Bernar, Glister, and JMAC all look like potential long term pieces while players like Schwi, Babel, and Highly look like decent pros at worst. They took the Dragons to the bitter end last week and lost, but they have shown improvement and creativity. That is more than most teams can say.

Stonks Down: Guangzhou Charge

Overwatch League Power Rankings
Photo: Courtesy of Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

They were supposed to be the clear number two team in APAC, but now that is out the window. This loss to the NYXL was……confusing. For the first time in a long time the Charge looked disjointed and not their typical selves. Maybe that can be attributed to Bianca and Nene receiving more playing time, but the Charge have some fault in this. This now only muddles the state of APAC going forward, though that does make things more interesting.


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