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When is the Next Overwatch Seasonal Event?

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Had this question been asked just a few weeks earlier, the answer would have likely been the Overwatch Archives event which usually starts in March/April. However, a new Mardi Gras seasonal event debuted and superseded the upcoming Archives event. However, with that event wrapping up in just a few short days, it appears that Overwatch Archives will be the next seasonal event.

When Does Archives Begin?

There is no definitive date set thus far, however, in year’s past the event has gone live in mid-April. In 2019 it was the 16th and in 2018 it was the 10th. Based on the fact that Tuesday is typically a day that events and patches begin on, keep an eye on April 7 or 14 as potential start dates. These, again, are purely this author’s speculation.

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The Game Haus will continue to provide more information on this potential event as well as any other Overwatch news and updates. Stay tuned for the latest and be sure to check out with heroes are currently banned in Competitive play in our live, updated article.



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