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When is the 2021 Overwatch Lunar New Year Event?

2021 Overwatch Lunar Event

[Editor’s Note: The Year of the OX Event will begin February 4, and go through until February 25]

Moving away from the wild year that was 2020, the new year kicks off with another seasonal Overwatch event. The Overwatch Lunar New Year event comes off of the heels of an exciting Winter Wonderland event. The Lunar New Year event typically features plenty of new skins, sprays, and icons for players to show-off through the season. Although the Winter event is still going strong, the New Year event is right around the corner.

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While it can be tough to pin down the exact date when Overwatch will release their new content, it is safe make a guess based on past years. With that in mind, the Lunar New Year event will most likely drop in the second half of January. The 2020 event released on January 16, making both January 19 or January 21 good guesses for a release date. The Lunar New Year event should align with the start of Season 26 of competitive play. When the patch comes down to change the competitive season, expect to see plenty of Lunar New Year content ready to go.

Players can expect similar weekly reward challenges for epic skins, just like the challenges featured in the Winter event. There are still plenty of characters without a Lunar New Year skin, and hopefully those previously ignored heroes get gifted some sweet seasonal gear. Along with seasonal cosmetics, this is the time players typically can earn loot-boxes from the Capture the Flag game mode. When the event hits, make sure to check out the Arcade playlist to get those free loot-boxes for a chance at a legendary skin.


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