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When is Overwatch’s Competitive Season 20 Over?

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It’s about to be a busy time of year for Overwatch as the game approaches a pivotal turning point in its history. Hero pools, as well as the game’s 21st competitive season, are both right around the corner, each sure to historical markers in the game’s lifespan. But, for each of these to come to fruition, the old system needs to end.

Competitive Season 20, which is currently live, is set to end on March 5. This is in line with the new system of seasonal map pools and competitive seasons that began with Season 19. This current season coming to an end will signal the instantaneous start of Season 21 and the new age of Overwatch featuring a limited hero pool each week.

It’s important to note that hero pools will not go live in the OWL until March 7 and will feature it’s own set of heroes banned each week. The OWL’s bans will be more targeted at intentionally breaking up the meta, while the casual player’s hero bans on ladder will be slightly more random.

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With all of the changes coming to Overwatch in 2020 ranging from the potential release of Overwatch 2, to hero pools, to developers more aggressive patching of the game, it’s all the more important to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and updates. The Game Haus will continue to provide these updates once any new information is available. Stay tuned.



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