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When Does Overwatch Competitive Season 30 Start?

Overwatch Season 30 Start

Overwatch has currently been in an interesting state with the seasons continuing on along with events but nothing much else from that. Even the events are starting to become more repetitive. Luckily Overwatch 2 looks like it will be worth the wait. With new maps, heroes, skins and so much there is no doubt that it will be an improvement over the Original Overwatch. But focusing on the here and now, fans still playing are wondering when does Overwatch Competitive Season 30 start?

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Even with consistent patches coming out, Overwatch seems to be in a bit of a holding pattern. Echo was said to be the last hero coming out for the original Overwatch until Overwatch 2 came out. Now that it looks like the game is likely going to be delayed, it would seem to make sense that Blizzard might change its plans. There is no way to know for sure but should a new hero be announced at Blizzcon it would certainly make things interesting for the next few competitive seasons.

Seeing as Season 29 began in early July, the two-month schedule for current seasons would seem to point to Overwatch Competitive Season 30 start date being in early September. All indications are that Overwatch Competitive Season 30 will start on September 2 or September 0.

It seems likely that the Overwatch Summer Games 2021 should happen during Season 29 which is definitely something fans can look forward to. Maybe there will also be some news about Overwatch 2 will be dropped soon?

Either way, another season for the Overwatch faithful to grind will be coming up soon. With more patches to hit as well, make sure to stay up to date with everything in order to climb faster.

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