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When Does Overwatch Competitive Season 26 Start?

Overwatch Season 26 Start

To say 2020 was truly a year might be an understatement. For Overwatch, 2020 might be one of the most tumultuous and chaotic years to date in terms of competitive play. The year started with an incredibly oppressive Double-shield composition. Then hero bans were added, which only added more discomfort for the competitive grinders.  Suddenly Roadhog became the meta and now players are locked again behind multiple shields. Who knows what players can expect as they head into Competitive Season 26.

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Thanks to the craziness of the holiday season, players won’t need to wait for long for the next competitive season to start. Overwatch Season 26 is likely to begin in early January of 2021. Based on Blizzard’s past patching schedule, players can expect Season 26 to begin on Tuesday, January 12 – just a week after the end of Season 25.

The start of competitive Season 26 should correlate with the Lunar New Year patch. Once that patch comes around in early January, the latest competitive season should be underway. Unfortunately, this season will be one more on the list with no new heroes. At least that is what Blizzard has said in the past. With the release of a new map just a few weeks ago, maybe a new playable character could be arriving sooner than expected.

2021 is going to be an exciting year looking down the line for competitive play. Potentially, players could even see some Overwatch 2 in the near future. While that won’t be around for some time, it’s fun to think and speculate about what it could do for Overwatch going forward. For now, players are gearing up to reach their all-time max ranks in Overwatch Season 26.

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