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When Does Overwatch Competitive Season 25 End?

Overwatch Season 25 End

With the end of 2020, comes the end of a long year of competitive grinding for Overwatch players. Season 25 is the last season for 2020, and that means plenty of competitive players are gunning for that one last peak for the competitive season. However, sometimes it’s unclear just how long players have until the ranked season ends.

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Overwatch Competitive Season 25 ends on January 6, about a week after the new year starts. This ending date shouldn’t be too surprising though, as each ranked season lasts for two months. It is pretty interesting to have Season 25 end in 2021. For some, it could be ending a season on a career high to kick off the year right. Unfortunately for others, a bad losing streak as the season winds down could make 2021 start feeling eerily similar to 2020.

Luckily for players, the competitive seasons just a few days after the Winter Wonderland event ends. So don’t worry about missing out on the winter content and the competitive gains. Weave in some Mei Snowball fight to take the edge off of a rough ranked match, and win a couple of really awesome skins in the process.

Players who participate in Season 25 receive a custom player icon marking the season number, along with a custom spray that features Sombra’s weapon. Players finishing in Top 500 receive a gilded version of those same items. With only a few weeks left, there is still plenty of time for those just on the cusp of greatness can make that last push.

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