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When does Overwatch Competitive Season 23 Begin?

With the beginning of Season 23 comes Competitive Open Queue as a permanent part of the game. Season 22 saw this on the experimental cards along with the anniversary event. The goal of this is to allow for people who prefer Overwatch without 2-2-2 role lock to grind out solo queue. This means that people will have different rankings not only for each position but also for both types of solo queue. League of Legends is similar where people have a solo queue ranking and also a flex queue or team ranking. Season 23 will definitely be a memorable one because of this, but the question remains, when does it start?

Well according to a recent dev update from Jeff Kaplan, Season 22 will end in early July, meaning that is when Season 23 will begin. When looking at how the Overwatch team has done most of their patches and season in the past, it seems likely that this season will end on July 2. The past two seasons have also ended on a Thursday which is likely due to the team wanting it to start in time for people to play on the weekend. Also, July 2 would be exactly two months after Competitive Season 22 began

During competitive Season 23 fans can expect to have the Summer Games event. It will be interesting to see if it comes with any major changes other than the addition of skins. One thing that is known is that it will not feature a new hero as it was already confirmed that Echo would be the last hero introduced in the original Overwatch. With Overwatch 2 hopefully launching at the end of this year, the hope is that sometime during Season 22 or 23, fans will finally get more information on the new game/expansion. Until then, enjoy Season 22 because 23 will be here before fans know it.

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